Tomb Raider Slot Sites

Slot machines are becoming increasingly popular and they are plastered all over online casino sites on the internet so there is no stopping any slot fanatic from logging on and playing wherever and whenever they want. Following the rule of supply and demand, there is a forever increasing number of different slots to play, so it can be quite the challenge when trying to find the slot to suit you. This Tomb Raider slot review shall be looking into the adventurous slot based on the popular video game. We’ll look at everything from who designed this slot machine, to the benefits you can find when raiding the tomb and ultimately determine whether this game is worth your valuable time and energy.

You can also find details of all the latest bonuses and promo codes from the Tomb Raider slot sites if you’re interested in signing up. It’s great if you can get some free spins or a deposit bonus when you join a site as it helps you make the most of your money.

Tomb Raider Slot Machine

If you are searching for a thrilling way to win some real cash then grab your shorts and a holster because it is time to raid some tombs! The Tomb Raider slot machine is based on the classic video game which hosts the beautifully stunning Lara Croft as the protagonist in a thrilling tomb-raiding venture. Whether you are familiar with the video game or not, this title will appeal to anyone who enjoys an adventure and winning heaps of real cash.

As you enter the game the eerie music forebodes the adventure you are about to undertake, which involves a five reel, fifteen payline and seventy-five coin slot machine encompassing wild Tomb Raider symbols, regular symbols and the Lara scatter symbols. Wild symbols and scatter symbols allow players to win free bonuses, for example if you achieve three or more Lara symbols scattered on the reels then you win 10 free spins, and if you attain three or more Lara symbols during the free spins then you win even more free spins. Moreover, if you achieve three or more Idol symbols on an enabled payline or in a line then you trigger the Tomb free bonus game where players have the opportunity to win random bonus amounts. The bonuses in this game mean that you have many opportunities to play for free by just utilising all of the free spins that can be won.

Play Tomb Raider Slots

There are more than enough online casino sites to sign-up, log in and play Tomb Raider slots. So how do you decide which is best? Well, this review has put in the time to narrow down what you need to be looking for on the latest online casino sites in order to decide which site you will get the most out of the feature and which online site is best to play it on. So to save you the biggest hassle of signing up to the wrong sites when you realise that there is a better online site just around the corner be sure to pay close attention to the list of great tips to look out for before signing up.

Finding the Top Sites

Now we shall get into the juicy stuff that will enable you to find the best Tomb Raider slot sites with the most offer that enable you to really reap all of the potential benefits there are to offer and really put your time to good use. The major Tomb Raider slots tips we have for when you are searching for your perfect site is to look for online casino sites that have free sign up wagers, the best promotional offers, and especially look for places that award free spins and large bonuses. It is also important to look for the best welcome free bonus offers, that way you may have the opportunity to play slots for free and have even more free spins. If you keep a keen eye out for these qualities then you are guaranteed to find the perfect place to play Tomb Raider online slot machines as you will get so much more for your time and money. It does not stop there as we have a few more tips up our sleeve as this review has really dug deep when it comes to finding the best tip for you.

Another crucial quality to look out for is places that offer low wagering requirements as having low wagering requirements will enable you to cash your earnings out quicker and overall increase your chances of winning as you will not need to risk your winnings too many times. Furthermore, one further tip we have that new customers should look out for and existing customers should investigate is the gaming websites VIP programs and loyalty offers as it is likely that customers can be provided with more freebees, free bonuses, exclusive promotions and giveaways that are often game specific just for logging in and playing frequently. So, it is wise to really utilize these tips when attempting to find the perfect entertainment website for you and really keep a keen eye out for all of these extra promo codes, free bonuses, welcome offers and more.

Tomb Raider Slots Free Online

How do you know you will like the slots game? Well, you can test it out! We have surfed the web from one end to another and have found some of the best places to play Tomb Raider slots free online. There are plenty of sites where you can test out whether this is the adventure for you and whether you can handle this level of excitement. So, for anyone with a few commitment issues there is absolutely no pressure as you do not even have to sign up to a site to get a feel for this slot. There are also plenty of other games like Da Vinci Diamonds and Raging Rhino slots which can give you similar promotions. Some sites that offer Tomb Raider slot free play include Mr Smith casino, Slots up, Vegas Slots Online and there are plenty of others out there. Hence, anyone can get familiar with this game and really be confident that they know how to play before committing to play to win real cash.

Tomb Raider No Deposit Bonus

One of the most crucial tips we can offer in this review is to utilize sites that offer no deposit bonuses, as this is a hugely beneficial way that you can play for absolutely free. No deposit bonuses are often used by newer entertainment platforms as it is becoming more and more difficult to get traffic nowadays due to the large amount of online casino competition. Looking for a site with Tomb Raider no deposit bonus will enable you to play the game with no deposit, so you do not have to commit any of your money to the site before playing so essentially you can play the slots for free but with the huge bonus of being about to win real cash.

So, you literally have nothing to lose with sites that offer no deposit bonuses. To make is even easier for you new customers or existing customers that want to check whether they are in the right place then a few sites with a no deposit bonus include Conquer Casino, Fruity King and many more that all offer the opportunity to play Tomb Raider slots for free with no deposit bonus.

Tomb Raider Free Spins

What use does Tomb Raider free spins have to you? Free spins provide any player with another opportunity to play for absolutely free, so it is good for you to be aware of the potential free spins you can win while playing. In this review, we have searched through the gaming instructions and found that there are many ways you can earn free spins which can enable you to go on to play even more for absolutely free. You’ll find many casino sites with free play if you’re looking for no deposit alternatives. Players can earn free spins simply by getting three or more Lara symbols then you are automatically credited 10 free spins every time 3 or more Lara symbols appear. Hence new and existing customers can keep their card at a safe distance as they will not have to keep getting it out to play for longer as you can save plenty by earning free spins and playing for free.

Microgaming Slots Software

This slot utilizes MicroGaming software, who are hugely popular in the online casino gaming industry and are easily found in abundance of online casino sites. They are known to securely and reliably power numerous game with innovative and current graphics that truly boost all user experiences. One of the major reasons this review hand selected this slot for you is due to its impressive producers which cement the fact that this is a well-developed, safe and quality game for you to invest your time into.

To top this off the MicroGaming software allows for stupendously easy navigation and a wonderfully straightforward and clear to comprehend design whilst maintaining its adventurous theme. In fact, MicroGaming has celebrated the success of this game for over 10 years, making it one of the longest most successful brand partnerships in the entire industry, so much so that they have created further sequels, so you can indulge in even more Lara Croft adventures ahead.

Tomb Raider Slots Mobile

You will be more than happy to hear that this gaming title is mobile compatible for pretty much all iOS and Android device. With MicroGaming you have nothing to fear as it seems that there is absolutely nothing lost in the transition from the desktop slot game to Tomb Raider slots mobile, you are certain to still experience the same awesome adventure in spectacular double D cups on the go. So wherever or whenever you are you have the opportunity to be on a huge tomb raiding adventure and win some real cash.

Just make sure that the online casino that you choose to invest your time in has a mobile slots app so that you can really make the most out of this slot without any inconvenient restrictions so you can enjoy the same awesome promotional offers, free bonuses and free spins. Also, as a small tip make sure that the casino platform you choose does not pack too many games into their App as this can make the App less efficient and take up a lot of space on your device than necessary.

Tomb Raider Slots Big Wins

There are lots of opportunities of Tomb Raider slots big wins, which you can witness on YouTube where you can watch real people play the game in real time and win huge. One of the biggest gaming wins with this particular slot is a grand prize of 7500 coins. There are plenty of ways to achieve this with all of the potential free spins to be won. There is also an opportunity to trigger a ransom ‘super mode; enabling players a whopping five free games in which the hero of the hour Lara begins to replace symbols with wilds.

Furthermore, if you look out for online casino sites that often have tournaments then you can play in the big league for huge wins, for instance Spin Palace often utilizes this title as a common favourite in their tournaments offering plenty of opportunity for big wins. So even thought this is not a progressive jackpot slot you can still be confident that you can win fairly big.

Start Playing Today

To really take advantage and increase your chance of winning big on this slots machine then you should really take note of the advice and tips provided in this review. In summary, make sure that you find the perfect site for you, one that offers free bonuses, promo codes, welcome offers as well as VIP programs. If you want to get familiar with the game before committing to sign up or deposit then make sure you utilize online casino sites that offer Tomb Raider free play and no deposit bonuses. To maximize opportunity to play wherever and wherever you might be then make sure the site you choose has a good mobile app and even look for Tomb Raider slot sites that may offer slot tournaments for real high chances of winning big on this slot. Furthermore, aim to get as many free spins as possible that way you can keep playing for free.