Live Online Poker Sites

Live online poker sites have the been the future of poker for some considerable time, but now, with faster than ever broadband and access to the internet being the easiest its ever been, it’s really come to the forefront. But what sites offer live play?

Poker was never meant to be played against a computer or a faceless opponent – half of what makes poker so intriguing as a game is trying to outwit your opponents by reading their reactions.

The presentation of live sites is second to none, and at times you are so immersed in the experience that you forget you aren’t actually in a live casino! The dealer is real, the players are real, and the money that you can win is very real indeed.

The presence of a real dealer makes the experience more intimate, but it also has the effect of being able to include those people who would ordinarily struggle with this too.

Online poker sites that offer live play are a great opportunity for those people who are nervous in social settings to indulge in something that they might otherwise avoid. They get to experience the full buzz of playing at a casino without the worry of feeling overwhelmed.

This is just one of the many reasons why live online poker sites are dominating the gambling industry and why it looks as though this trend will only continue to increase in the future.

In Play Poker

With in play poker sites what you get is a much more immersive experience than if you were just playing against the computer. It’s so much more fun to have somebody to play against, to see real-time reactions to how the game is panning out and celebrate/commiserate in real-time too.

Poker is very much an interactive experience, so the comments and banter in the live-chat boxes are just as important as the live dealer to make that experience feel authentic and enjoyable.

Live poker sites will usually have multiple games happening at any one time. This is not only because of the popularity of the game but because there are multiple versions of the game to enjoy too.

There are the poker games that everyone knows and loves like Texas Hold ‘Em, and then there are the more obscure branches of the game like Follow the Queen.

Regardless of which faction you are playing, the atmosphere that comes from partaking in a live game is so much more rewarding than playing against the computer on your own.

By all means, please enjoy playing poker as you have been doing, but for a richness that makes the game the best it can be then there’s only one choice; Live Poker.

Best Online Live Poker Sites

The best online poker live sites will usually sit fairly high in the ‘Very Best’ poker sites rankings. This is because playing live poker gives the game an edge over just being able to play a pre-programmed game.

There’s a whole other dimension that is added to the tension, the excitement and the thrill of winning that a standard game just can’t replicate. With a live poker game you can;

  • Interact with a live dealer
  • Ask any questions you may have and get responses in real-time
  • Collect winnings in real-time
  • Discuss how games are proceeding with fellow live-gamers
  • Partake in banter with your fellow players
  • Really get the feel of being in a bricks-and-mortar casino without the hassle of getting there
  • Pick up tips from other players to enhance your own skills

There really is no substitute for live online poker and you can expect this poker niche to continue to expand rapidly over the next few years.

Live Poker

Anyone who has ever played live poker will tell you what a scintillating rush it is playing your cards close to your chest and try to outwit your opponents. The thrill comes not from playing but by masterminding your own victory.

Of course, you can do all of this without playing against other live poker players but that loses something of the essence of what makes playing poker entirely unique. Live poker lets you interact with others as the action is happening and actively influences your decision-making process.

Don’t like the way the cards are going? With live poker, you can fold before you lose too much money.

Are the cards going favourably for you? With live poker, you can adjust your betting accordingly to make sure that you get the maximum return possible.

Live poker allows you to suss out your fellow players too, analyze the strengths and weaknesses in their strategies and adapt your own strategy to fit these patterns.

This is what makes live poker so enjoyable. The advantage of playing in real-time means that the experience is so much richer and the payoffs are so much more rewarding as a result.

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Live Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is probably what comes to mind for most people if they think about poker. The rules are very simple;

  • Players are given two cards which only they can see
  • Five ‘communal cards’ are then dealt which all players can see
  • There are four rounds of betting;
    1. After the two personal cards are dealt (known as ‘The Hole’ or ‘Pocket’ cards)
    2. After the first three ‘communal’ cards are dealt (‘The Flop’)
    3. After the fourth ‘communal’ card is dealt (‘The Turn’), and finally,
    4. After the fifth and final ‘communal’ card is revealed (‘The River’)

The object of the game is to use any combination of five cards from their own hand and the communal pile to get the best hand possible.

The winner is the player with the best hand. Live Hold ‘Em Poker is probably the most popular form of poker played on live online poker sites.

It’s the most recognisable, has the most skill involved, and the bragging rights for winning are much higher too! Live online poker really needs to be experienced to be believed, so find a site that you trust and get playing. Good luck!