Fancy Bingo Review – 300% Bingo Bonus for New Customers

Fancy bingo review

If you fancy some fancy bingo, get yourself over to Fancy Bingo! Awkward openings aside, Fancy Bingo has been operating for some time as one of the most popular themed sites available on the Dragonfish engine, meaning that many players have already dived into the fantastic range of games and generally well-designed user interfaces offered by the brand. It’s notable for playing host to their own twist on Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter – while the Alice in Wonderland mania may have died down a little in recent years, the site decided to dial things back and keep one or two mascots on to keep selling the site to new customers. Current Fancy Bingo promo codes are well worth keeping your eye on – just one bonus code will grant you 300% in bonus matching for bingo from just a £5 deposit. Great news for anyone who has worked their way around Fancy Bingo sister sites and is now looking to use promotion codes on something a little different. Fancy Bingo promo codes won’t last forever – meaning we seriously suggest you take on these latest deals now while they hang around!

Current promo codes can be used from device to device, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about clinging to the main site or having to travel directly to the Fancy Bingo mobile platform to make the most of the best deals available. Bonus codes aside, Fancy Bingo is a fine staple of the Dragonfish platform in that it appears to be using the latest version of the software, allowing for some fantastic design choices, interface layouts and more. While the site may be fairly appealing at first, however, we’re not sure the new look completely lives up to the Wonderland feel of its previous form – but we’ll cover that shortly.

The site offers everything modern Dragonfish has to provide to existing customers and more – with Fancy Bingo promotion code deals available from the off and for players of all natures, we don’t see any feasible reason why you wouldn’t want to give some of the site’s various bingo rooms and slots a little bit of a go. Grabbing a Fancy Bingo login is dead easy, too – simply navigate to the registration tab and fill in all the details you’ve come to expect!

There are, of course, a few things you should always bear in mind when it comes to signing up for a free bonus – and before you get yourself a Fancy Bingo sign in, we have a few pointers for you to follow to make sure that you’re heading to the right site for your tastes. Fancy Bingo bonus codes aside – let’s take a closer look.


Fancy Bingo UK Gaming and More

Fancy Bingo does look the part when it comes to ease of use and in terms of the variety in its catalogue, but its colour scheme and overall atmosphere can feel a little dull at times. We do miss some of the quirky characters of old but the site does do well to try and carry off a professional look without diverting too much in the direction of absolute cheese!

The site’s bingo rooms do buck the Dragonfish trend in that they are quite well varied and offer a nice selection of events and different chances for you to win big. However, their presentation from a menu perspective isn’t quite as eye-catching as we’ve come to expect from other sites, meaning that we are left feeling a little underwhelmed in this regard.

That being said, it’s very easy to find where you’re going, and those who have played the majority of what the web has to offer in terms of slots and bingo may find a game or two nestled in here that surprises them. Certainly, Fancy Bingo promo codes and the various events and promotions on offer should do more than enough to keep existing customers happy. Who wouldn’t say no to 300% in cash matching on their first deposit? It’s a great way to encourage you to come on in and – of course – stick around for more. We love it!

Fancy bingo review


As mentioned, deals and promotion codes continue to roll out long after you’ve become an existing customer. Keep your eye on your email for the latest deals, codes and more – and sign in for daily games, prize draws, jackpot opportunities and more. The site does stray from the Dragonfish trend of offering the same calibre of promotions and deals over and over, which is very refreshing – though anyone accustomed to Dragonfish’s way of doing things will not go away disappointed here. This is a good thing, of course!


Fancy Bingo Games Catalogue

Fancy Bingo’s range of games are sourced from some of the most popular brands and engines on the web, and while many of the titles – Fluffy Favourites et al – may be more than similar to you, there is still a huge selection for you to try – and with brilliant promo code deals letting you have a spin for free, there’s tons of benefits to getting involved. As stated, the bingo experience is generally well-balanced, if a little bland to look at – meaning it may be worth having a look around to see if the site takes your fancy.

fancy bingo review

Fancy Bingo Sign In and Register

Registering is very simple. Just follow the signposts available and supply the basic information you would expect to offer a bingo or gaming site, before verifying your email address and using any promo codes you have to hand. You can take a good look at the bingo rooms and various slot games available before you sign up, meaning that there is ample opportunity for you to get a taste of what’s available before having to do much at all!

Is There a Fancy Bingo App?

Sadly, there does not appear to be a Fancy Bingo app for you to download at this time, despite the length of time the site has bene open and despite the prevalence of new Fancy Bingo promo codes. That being said, the Fancy Bingo mobile site does more than enough for new customers and regular players, allowing you to access a selection of the games available from the main site in a more flexible and responsive format. While not all of the games are here, the site does at least follow the Dragonfish standard of bringing a very satisfying user interface and menu system to phones and tablets while avoiding watering matters down entirely. This is a very nice touch.

How Do I Get to the Fancy Bingo Mobile Site and Log In?

It’s easy – grab your Fancy Bingo login, any relevant promotion codes and head on over to the main site from any device. Your browser, via phone, tablet or otherwise, will automatically refit the site to your platform, meaning that there’s no awkward downloading, extra tricks or hidden challenges involved. Nice and easy! Simply sign in, throw in your bonus codes and away you go.

Fancy bingo review


Participate in 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, instants, slots and table games.

Wagering and Finances

The bit everyone wants to know about – what’s the wagering like? On the back of any Fancy Bingo promotion codes, you’ll generally be expected to play back 4x your deposit and bonus before you can remove any winnings. As these rules apply to bingo, we don’t think you’ll have much of an issue meeting these terms – but it would be nice to see a slots bonus.

To withdraw, make sure you’ve paid in £5 of your own money – and that you have £30 in eligible funds to remove. Wait up to ten working days and your cash will be with you.

The site accepts major UK cards, wire transfer payments and PaySafe. A nice range here, but it’s missing the odd Neteller or PayPal to fulfil its expected audience.

Customer Services

Get help from the Fancy Bingo team by calling the contact number 0808 238 7563, email [email protected], or chat online with a member of live help staff.

Fancy Bingo Verdict

Fancy bingo review

Fancy Bingo may have the games, the terms and the overall usability, but its look just doesn’t cut it much in a sea of great-looking bingo sites. That being said, never judge a book by its cover – grab yourself one of the brilliant new Fancy Bingo promo codes available and see for yourself how you get on!


  • Good games catalogue
  • Reasonable terms
  • Nice deals
  • Plenty of support


  • Site design is a little uninteresting at times
  • No PayPal, Neteller or EntroPay support
  • No bonus for slots games – bingo bonus only on deposit

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