Dino Bingo Review – 300% Cash Matching on Your First Deposit

dino bingo review

Offering Jurassic jackpots and a ton of familiar yet fun titles to take a peek at, Dino Bingo is a relatively new Dragonfish site that opened its doors a couple of years ago to wide acclaim – and it’s securely registered on the newest version of the software to ensure that existing customers get the broadest range of brilliant games, bingo rooms and more besides. Dino Bingo promo code deals currently underway give new customers something to roar about, too – take advantage of a superb 200% cash match on your first deposit from just £5 – a much lower threshold than some of the site’s rivals, and a guarantee of up to £60 returned from taking advantage of this preliminary bonus code.

One thing to remember about bonus codes is this – they never stick around for long! Dino Bingo online codes generally chop and change from time to time, meaning that the next deal they run with could be leagues different to their current promotion. Definitely do yourself a favour and grab a Dino Bingo promotion code while you can – as, for one thing, it requires very little investment from your own cash pot!

Dino Bingo is generally very well presented and it manages to outstrip the Dragonfish mould by presenting a number of unique design choices, games and even themed promotions. It’s in a similar vein to Crocodile Bingo, another Dragonfish site, in that it really does use the custom template to the max here and splashes its colourful dinosaur mascots across every nook and cranny. Certainly, the site has a look of fun about it – but we’re sure the opening Dino Bingo promotion code deals will do more than enough to convince more seasoned gamers to come and have a go.

How does Dino Bingo perform as a website? Is the Dino Bingo mobile platform up to scratch? Is it a site that rewards existing customers for depositing regularly? Find out all this and more – in just a few sentences!


Launched: March 2015Network: Dragonfish NetworkSoftware: DragonfishWelcome Offer: 300% Cash Matching on Your First DepositGames On Offer: 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo,  Slots, Casino Games, Scratchcards.

300% Cash Matching on Your First Deposit

Dino Bingo Features Summary


  • Multiball bingo – 75 and 90 ball games
  • Virtual casino
  • Slots
  • Online scratch cards


  • 300% welcome bonus code for new customers – deposit from £5 and play with up to £60 free bonus credit
  • Free bingo games
  • Dino Bingo promotion code opportunities
  • Additional cash matching on your second deposit (150%) and on your third deposit (100%) with added promo codes
  • Guaranteed jackpots
  • Community shared win games


  • No downloadable app
  • Available from mobile browser on iOS and Android devices

Summary:  Make the most of your welcome bonus with multiball bingo, slots and much more.

Limited payment options. UK cards, wire transfer and PaySafe.


300% Cash Matching on Your First Deposit

dino bingo review


With 300% cash matching and plenty of games on offer, what are you waiting for? Get down to Dino Bingo today! 

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Dino Bingo Review – A Brief Look

Dino Bingo looks great to the naked eye – it really does lead with an eye-catching, cartoony vibe that will certainly appeal to many players who are largely into gaming for the fun, the chat and the promotions! We love the design choices made here as they are neither too cheesy nor too over the top. Some players used to a sleeker casino experience may well argue that the mascots are a little childish – but we think they’re ideally placed and well suited to the range of games and promotions available.

Thankfully, this is a site with ‘bingo’ in the title that understands how to create a worthwhile bingo experience for its players – many sites fail to monopolise on just how big bingo actually is, and this newer, more flexible version of Dragonfish’s software allows Dino Bingo to really let rip with some brilliant themed rooms, deals and more. Certainly, this is a site that is very proud of its theme – it goes to great lengths to really bring the prehistoric touches into its various sections, areas of the catalogue and more. While the slot games aren’t all dinosaur-themed – if at all – the bingo experience is very much sewn into the site’s premise and this is very welcome and memorable indeed.

Throw in brilliant Dino Bingo promo codes and bonus codes that grant you an extra £60 to play with – in maximum free bonus credit – and you have an appealing, fun little site that loves to give back to its existing customers. Regardless of how it appears and what it seems to do for its players, how does Dino Bingo perform on the more technical side of things? Let’s find out.

dino bingo review


The promotions here are generally of the Dragonfish standard but one or two big money bingo events are prehistoric themed – and there’s even a newbies bingo club offering free bingo tickets to anyone who has just joined. On top of this, additional Dino Bingo promo codes bring you extra cash matching on your next two deposits – meaning it really does pay to stick around as a Dino Bingo regular!


300% Cash Matching on Your First Deposit


Many of the games here will be recognisable to those players used to the newer version of the Dragonfish engine, but it remains to be said that these games are still great fun – they pay well, too, and you’ll also enjoy the wide range of bingo rooms and events – themed around various dinosaurs – which will really get you into the swing of themes. There’s generally a nice balance between types of games here too, meaning there’s every reason both casual and seasoned gamers will get more than an hour or two out of signing up and playing a few rounds.

dino bingo review


Getting started is generally very simple and always painless via Dragonfish, and Dino Bingo follows suit very nicely – just supply your general details and verify an email address to get started. Don’t forget to register a payment method, supply a promo code and get access to 300% cash matching, either!

Dino Bingo Mobile Site

The big question on many players’ lips these days will be ‘how does the site perform on mobile?’. It’s a worthwhile question to ask. Many of us are making the move to playing portably by phone or tablet these days, and it’s a good sign that the vast majority of gaming sites are adopting ‘lite’ versions of their desktop sites to bring functionality and ease of use to alternative devices. Dino Bingo is one such site that makes a good effort to appeal to portable players – the Dino Bingo mobile site is very appealing in that it is easy to reach, easy to login to and even easier still to use. Everything is nicely signposted and, in our testing, we barely noticed any slow down or loss of functionality. You may not receive the full experience from the main site here, but we can at least guarantee what is here works very well indeed.

There’s no need for an app here just yet – just navigate straight to the website from your device’s browser and you will be presented with a responsive version of the main site for you to log into. From here, you can enjoy a wide selection of games and bingo rooms that you can otherwise access through the main site. Another benefit to playing via mobile is that you don’t lose out on any promo codes or deals – simply log in, apply a Dino Bingo promotion code and you’re free to deposit to get that amazing free bonus credit.

dino bingo review


Participate in multi ball bingo, casino games and slots with the amazing Dino Bingo sign up offer!

300% Cash Matching on Your First Deposit

Wagering, Withdrawals and Other Terms

To be able to cash out on a free bonus deal, you’re going to need to play back some of the money into the site. This is generally a given for most gaming platforms these days! Here, you’ll need to play back 4x your deposit and bonus, but you can choose to opt out of any bonus codes if you wish to cash out right away. It’s always nice to have a choice!

Dino Bingo supports major UK cards, wire transfer and PaySafe – unlike other Dragonfish sites, it does seem to lack a few other options, which we hope will be forthcoming in due course.

To withdraw, once you’ve met wagering terms simply make sure you’ve deposited £20 of your own money into the site and that you have at least £30 to take away with you. Withdrawal requests can take up to 7 days to process.

We think the presence of a deposit barrier can be rather unnecessary, but the site is at least remaining competitive.

Dino Bingo Contact Number

You can call the team directly for help on 0800 901 2481, or you can email via [email protected]. The appearance of a Dino Bingo contact number is appreciated, however, we would like to see live chat functionality here.

Dino Bingo Verdict

dino bingo review

Dino Bingo is one of many modern Dragonfish sites that does well to distance itself from the template and platform of old, and presents a fresh, pleasing look with a great set of bonus codes and deals to keep existing customers happy. There are a couple of issues with regard to some of the terms, but on the whole you can expect to get a fair bang for your buck here.


  • Great site design
  • Dino Bingo mobile site works well
  • Great opening deals
  • The best of Dragonfish


  • Deposit barrier for withdrawals
  • Some games and deals will be very familiar to many


300% Cash Matching on Your First Deposit

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