Crocodile Bingo Review – 300% Cash Matching on Your First Deposit

crocodile bingo review

G’Day cobbers! Crocodile Bingo is a great-looking bingo site with a difference – it’s themed around that land down under, Australia – and with it, there’s a cheeky crocodile named Bruce who’s ready to guide you through the site’s various games, deals, promotions and more. Bruce is kitted out just like Crocodile Dundee – and the site really does go all out on its theme, offering deals and bingo experiences based on Bruce and his fellow Australasians’ lifestyle. Certainly, it’s a fun, eye-catching site, but there’s much more to see here than just a few fancy images and a cute mascot. Crocodile Bingo is currently offering bonus code which will grant new customers a whopping 300% cash matching on their first deposit of up to £20. This means you could stand to deposit £20 and play with £80 – tons for you to try out the site with, and one of the most generous promo codes we’ve seen in a while. The best bonus codes don’t go too over the top as they don’t require you to wager much back – and Crocodile Bingo certainly has its head – and bonus codes – screwed on tightly.

It’s part of the popular Dragonfish engine, and it’s safe to say that the outward design may seem familiar in some ways – but it’s rather unique once you crack into the site and get into some of the games and bingo experiences.

The promo codes here will give you a chance to have a look at the different games and bingo rooms without having to splash too much cash – a great way for you to window shop before getting in too deep. Crocodile Bingo is nice and friendly on the outside, but how does it look and perform once you’re in? Is it worth signing up for a Crocodile Bingo login? Let’s get snooping, shall we?


Crocodile Bingo in Brief

Crikey! What Crocodile Bingo does offer is the very best of Dragonfish without you necessarily realising it. It’s a site which doesn’t stray towards the often-seen formatting and layouts of classic Dragonfish from years gone by, and while it may play host to some of its better-known games such as Fluffy Favourites, the sheer amount of unique twists and design choices here will really leave a positive impact upon players who are concerned they may have seen it all before.

To us, the theme and dedication to the design is one of the best features of the site. Every last nook and cranny is kitted out with themed colourings, accompanied by Bruce or is tailored to fit a certain Australian stereotype or cultural point of interest. This is a great way to make your site more memorable – there are many sites that go with a theme rather lazily and don’t follow through on it!

Let’s talk about Crocodile Bingo promo codes – the site may not offer you an upper limit to shout from the rooftops about, but it is somewhat realistic, along with terms that won’t break your wallet or swallow up much of your day. Beyond this, it appears to be a site that’s very heavy on the promotional side of things – definitely a good thing. Dragonfish sites generally do very well by their customers in terms of functionality, and Crocodile Bingo goes one step beyond by providing loyal; players and existing customers with a ton of moolah to go home with – even if they don’t win big!

crocodile bingo review


Crocodile Bingo is a site that likes to pay its loyal customers back for their regular deposits, and if you pay in enough, you’ll grab free bingo tickets to jackpot games and may even get a sneaky promo code or two when you least expect it. Themed community bonuses, prize draws and jackpot games abound here, along with plenty of regular deals to help keep existing customers happy and playing along.



There’s a good chance you’ve seen many of these games before – which online gamer hasn’t played Fluffy Favourites or Cleopatra before? – but that really doesn’t knock the value of the site, nor its games catalogue. Crocodile Bingo’s bingo experience, for one, is very solid and while it may not be as full-on as some of the bigger sites around, it at least sets itself apart from the Dragonfish mainstream by offering a few twists and thematic choices that are a little different. There doesn’t appear to be much of a contingent for alternative games, however, but this is likely keeping in line with a focus on ‘fun’ gaming – bingo and slots are right up front, and they are well worth playing through with your free bonus credit.

crocodile bingo review

Signing Up

Most Dragonfish sites don’t go for the hard sell, and Crocodile Bin go is no different – it may be packed to the rafters with information on deals, games and bingo experiences, but you are never forced into making a decision early – and you can check out everything they have to offer before you register. Just enter your details, verify an email address and throw in a Crocodile Bingo bonus code to get money back off your first deposit. It really is as easy as that!

Crocodile Bingo Mobile Compatibility

It’s only right that modern gaming sites – whether or not they provide an app or an external program – bring their mobile users a ‘lite’ version of their games catalogue for players to enjoy on the go. After all, we’re migrating towards phones and tablets for much of our internet use, so why shouldn’t the same apply to gaming? Crocodile Bingo is one of many sites that knows its onions when it comes to mobile play, providing portable players with a sleek and responsive website to get their teeth into from any device, big or small. You can even use the same promotion code and voucher code deals here that you may find on the main site – meaning that you’ll never miss out on a discount or a freebie or two simply by playing on your phone. This can only be good news, surely!

How Does Smartphone Gaming Compare?

Getting into the mobile site is very easy – just navigate to the main page from your device and you’ll be greeted with a flexible version of the desktop site with all your favourite games and bingo rooms. This means that you can chat, dab, spin the reels and more without having to wedge yourself under the desk for the whole day. Feel free to take your gaming on the go – on the bus, to the beach, wherever you like – and Crocodile Bingo will provide you with a quick, responsive platform that will ensure you get the best the main page has to offer. Great news!

crocodile bingo review


Participate in 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, slots and instant wins.

Wagering Requirements

Crocodile Bingo does something a little different when it comes to wagering in that they’ve presented a great little page that goes into detail explaining why you need to play a certain amount of money back when taking on a bonus code! Wagering is generally advised to be set at 4x your deposit and bonus, which is very reasonable – but this generally applies to bingo. We would advise making sure you read all terms and conditions before taking any free bonus deals on just to be sure.

Payments and Withdrawals

Fund your account inside and out with a UK issued card, via wire transfer or through PaySafe. Unlike other Dragonfish sites the payment methods here are somewhat limited, but you can at least pay by card or by bank for the most part.

To withdraw, you’ll need to have deposited £20 of your own cash first – and you’ll need to have at least £30 ready to go. Simply wait up to 7 working days and you’ll see your cash returned to you!


Get all the help you need via online chat, the contact number on 0800 379 7927, or by emailing through web form or via [email protected]

Crocodile Bingo Verdict

crocodile bingo review

Crocodile Bingo is a great, fun little site that benefits from a solid theme and a nice catalogue of games and bingo opportunities. The terms here are reasonable, and the mobile site is great – there’s very little to turn us off here, so we would generally suggest you give Bruce a look if you’re aiming for a site with a little more bite!


  • Great theme and site design
  • The best of Dragonfish’s catalogue and templates
  • Lots of support
  • Reasonable terms
  • Plenty of Crocodile Bingo promo codes


  • Many games will be very familiar
  • Aimed towards the fun player market more than those looking to win big
  • No PayPal functionality yet

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