Coral Bingo Promo Code

Coral is one of the biggest gaming and betting brands both on the high street and online, meaning that before you leap into the games here it is likely you will expect a quality approach.  Just as well that you’ll receive it, then! Coral Bingo online may not have been around as long as some of its fellow betting contemporaries, but the brand does well to sell a bingo and gaming platform with plenty of character, support and – of course – variety in games and promotions.  The site is also offering 400% cash matching on your first deposit of £5, meaning you’ll be able to make your first money into the site travel a huge distance in terms of trying out what Coral Bingo has to offer. The site’s promo codes can be used at any time, and what’s more, the site has cleverly rolled its bingo and slot experiences into one easy platform, making it a one-stop shop for gaming outside of everyday betting and lotto. Find everything you need from this appealing bingo website, it goes one better than most of its competitors, sister sites and opposing desktops sites. 

Coral Bingo bonus codes currently grant you a nice little extra credit so that you won’t necessarily have to throw in too much of your own cash on arrival.  Existing customers will be able to take advantage of loyalty offers, regular free bonus deals and even more promo codes, too – meaning that once you’re in, playing and regularly depositing, it’s highly likely that the site will give you more than a little bit back by way of a thank you.  It runs on the very solid Playtech engine, which seems to be the go-to source for games and features for a number of big betting and bingo brands such as BoyleSports and Gala Bingo. Therefore, it’s a very fitting choice for a high street brand that continues to look to appeal to online players.

While Coral Bingo may not have the flashy adverts or marketing campaigns that other sites such as Paddy Power Bingo or Foxy Bingo have to offer, it is still very much a brand that is trusted by people up and down the country that fancy a flutter – and therefore, we feel it really does more than enough (at least on the face of things) to present a solid gaming and bingo engine to satisfy both casual and hardcore players alike.  New customers, of course, get that added Coral Bingo deposit bonus via bonus code, too.

But what else does Coral Bingo have to offer?  Let’s take a closer look behind the outward design and appeal and see how well it performs as a gaming site.

Coral Bingo Online – A Breakdown

Coral Bingo is a nicely presented site with plenty of menus and signposting for new customers to get acquainted with.  As designs go, it may not be the most original around, but it at least makes an effort to stay true to the brand to ensure that the look of the high street chain and a professional sheen is maintained throughout.  The Playtech engine really does provide a great deal of popular games and features, meaning that we still believe Coral Bingo has made the right decision in terms of which catalogue to lead with. There’s plenty of help and support from every corner here, too, even right down to the fact that there is a video embedded in the main page which shows you how to register and get started!

While Coral Bingo is clearly a friendly site with plenty offer in terms of content and with a big emphasis on user experience, it does still largely feel like it is more an extension of the brand and the main Coral portal than a standalone site.  This means it may appeal to people already betting or wagering with Coral online otherwise may find it easier to get into the swing of things than those who are approaching it as completely new customers. Our impressions regarding this arose when we noticed that the mobile site and app in particular provided heavy focus on other areas of betting and gaming than on bingo itself – meaning that, at least on first impression, the site could have been a little more weighted towards the bingo it advertises in its title.

That being said, the site certainly does more than enough to appeal to those people who already know, trust and enjoy the Coral brand, making Coral Bingo a worthwhile extension of the empire already in place.  Playtech offer a flexible and comprehensive catalogue which is largely taken up by high street brands, meaning it’s an ideal choice in our eyes. Beyond the superficial, the Coral Bingo bonus codes and promotion codes, however, just how well does Coral Bingo perform as a gaming site in its own right?  Let’s take a closer look to see just what’s on offer here.


  • Multiball bingo – 40 to 90 ball games
  • Live and virtual casino experience
  • Online scratch cards
  • Slot games catalogue


  • £35 free Coral Bingo bonus with your first £5 deposit
  • Free bingo week for new customers – Coral Bingo newbie room
  • Exclusive bingo games
  • Shared jackpots
  • BOGOF bingo
  • Free bingo opportunities
  • Regular promo codes and deals

Mobile Compatibility

We like to see bingo and gaming sites of all sizes and natures try to appeal to a wider market with a mobile presence for portable players to take advantage of.  The amount of users now browsing and playing via phone or tablet is increasing, and it is therefore within a site’s best interests to try and appeal to these growing trends as much as they possibly can!  Coral Bingo, thankfully, has both a mobile site and a Coral Bingo app available, however, they largely offer the same interface, experience and catalogue. This is no bad thing, as it is at least easy to use, quick to load, and provides just as much functionality and features as the main page puts forward.  This means you can login, play your favourite games and even take advantage of a few promo codes while you’re at it – without the need to be tied completely to the desktop site.

The mobile version of the site is nicely presented and certainly works well on the go.  However, a concern we have surrounds the fact that the site is largely aimed towards the more general side of betting and gaming, meaning that specific bingo games, rooms and otherwise are rather tucked away beneath some of the opportunities Coral give for horse racing punters.  The functionality is at least there – but we would quite like to see Coral Bingo make a break on its own, away for the main brand – at least so that it can attempt to attract as many external new customers as possible. For the most part otherwise, it’s a site and an app that work well – meaning we certainly don’t expect you to cling to that desktop site unless you really want to.


Coral Bingo makes it extraordinarily easy to get started, even going so far as to offering a helpful video tutorial on where to go and what to do!  For those of you who are registered with other gaming sites online, it really is business as usual – supply your basic details, verify an email address and get started – supply a payment method once you’re ready to deposit and apply your bonus code to get that free bonus credit once you login.  Nice and simple!


Beyond the Coral Bingo welcome bonus, the site does at least have a few exclusive offers and experiences that we think will appeal to gamers of all natures.  There’s bingo rooms available for regular depositors, shared Night Owl games (which take place, of course, overnight), daily scratch card deals and more besides.  Throw in a promotion code or two on a regular basis and you have a nice range of varied promotions which do well to keep the site afloat and popular with existing customers.  While it may not be bursting with over-the-top cash matching or other types of promotion, there is at least enough of a focus on the customer here to make sure that they are kept happy and entertained – and that their online wallets are kept full!

You can also follow Coral via Twitter and Facebook for more deals on the betting side of matters – but stay in touch with the site and they’ll throw across a few Coral Bingo promo codes occasionally to keep you coming back for more, too!  It’s well worth keeping in touch with gaming sites such as Coral to ensure that you are always kept up to speed on the latest deals! How else are you going to grab yourself a free bonus at short notice? Take it from us – it is well worth hanging in there for the occasional freebie or two!


The games here are somewhat standard to the Playtech platform, however, there’s still plenty to see and do.  With several bingo rooms, twists on the game and scores of branded and popular slots – you can play Rainbow Riches both in bingo and slot format if you so wish – it’s likely that most mainstream players will find the catalogue of games here quite easy to get into.  Unlike some sites, the games here are at least polished, pay well and are extremely varied – meaning that Coral Bingo may well be a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for solid gameplay.

There’s a nice balance between bingo, slots and other games, and while some of the site may be overshadowed by the larger betting aspect of the Coral brand, we think there is a nice coverage that many players will get on fine with.  If you’re already well into Coral’s site and products, however, you’ll find it even more of a breeze. There is certainly nothing in the games catalogue that rings any alarm bells – and we do think there is a nice balance and mix in the bargain. Take a look for yourself as this huge chain flex their features on the web’, their expertise are most certainly noticed on this occasion too. Find everything you need with the easy-to-navigate website showcasing categories such as Sport, Bet in Play, Casino, Live Casino, Games, Slots, Bingo, Poker, Virtuals and Vegas. There’s so much depth to this website and it’s well worth checking for yourself, the promotional deals and bonuses change from time to time too, so check back here for the latest. The current welcome bonus is one that’s pretty impressive and their sign-up bonuses aren’t limited to just bingo, meaning we definitely urge you to signup, login and start winning!

Wagering Requirements

Coral Bingo wagering requirements are, as you may find, similar to elsewhere.  The amount you’ll be expected to wager to cash out is going to vary from promotion to promotion and, sometime, from game to game.  The site generally requests that you wager 2x your bonus on bingo and 20x your bonus on slots – these are very reasonable terms indeed, particularly on the side of bingo, meaning we think serious players will get just as much out of their money here as casual players will.  Bingo players, however, will certainly meet wagering quicker than slots players if they power through a few games!

Payments and Withdrawals

Coral Bingo aims to cover a wide range of funding options and, for the most part, it succeeds.  You can pay and withdraw with Visa, Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, EcoCard, Skrill and 1-Tap, Neteller, PaySafe and PayPal – meaning that most avenues are, thankfully, covered.  You can even pay with a generic prepaid card, too.

To withdraw, you are requested to have at least £5 in your account – and you will receive your winnings within 5 working days of your request.  This is great news – terms that are certainly tailored towards players who want to win big.


As expected, a big brand such as Coral Bingo offers plenty of help and advice to players as and when they need it the most.  You can chat online with an advisor, send a detailed query via web form or call the Coral Bingo contact number on 0800 440 011.  It’s always good to have a nice range of support avenues open to you, and Coral Bingo more than satisfies on this level. Their helpful staff are a great help and they have a great response time, so get in contact using their phone number or utilise the live chat to resolve any problems you may have. 


Coral Bingo does very well to blend a fairly solid bingo and gaming site into its existing brand and betting platform, however, for many players this will also be its slight undoing.  Coral Bingo is more of an add-on site to its existing betting portal, meaning it will largely appeal to existing customers of their main brand more than it will to completely new players.  That being said, the site layout, design, atmosphere and games catalogue offers more than enough up on a plate to avid gamers, meaning that if you really are in it for fun or to win big, we think the site equally appeals to both sides of the coin.  It’s a shame that the app and mobile site don’t offer a separate, standalone bingo or gaming platform to break away from Coral in general – but there’s nothing to say this won’t alter in future.

To summarise, Coral Bingo works perfectly well, has some great terms and generally satisfies in all categories – but it is what it is – an extension of the main Coral platform, and for that reason it may not appeal to quite as many people as standalone sites or those which have their own platforms.  It is still worth grabbing a Coral Bingo login and a bonus code or two, however!


  • Nice site design
  • Great games catalogue – the best of Playtech
  • Varied brand games and experiences
  • Very reasonable terms
  • Lots of promotions
  • Plenty of support for new customers


  • Site feels like an add-on to the main Coral betting platform
  • A standalone Coral Bingo app or mobile site would work well to appeal to a wider audience