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Cheers Bingo is a bingo and gaming site that’s full of life and it certainly wants you to come in and join the fun no matter what your style of gameplay may be.  This is great news for casual and seasoned players alike.

It’s part of the wider Jumpman Gaming network, meaning that it is of course host to the all-important (and familiar) bonus wheel along with a ton of jackpot offers, a good selection of games and plenty of opportunities for existing customers to win big. 

This is a site which certainly likes to reward regular players, and we therefore think you should definitely give it a look if you’re considering trying out a new site with plenty to give back. On top of everything else, of course, there’s brilliant new bonus codes which can be used to help you try out the site without you having to wager too much of your own moolah. 

The promo codes here will grant you 200% cash matching on your first deposit, meaning that you’ll get an extra £20 to play with providing you deposit £10 of your own cash to play. There’s nothing quite like a free bonus boost to your wallet before you get started, and we love a bonus code that gives you plenty to get your teeth into.

Jumpman Gaming sites on the whole are rather familiar and this will strike you fairly on here if you’ve registered with several other sites on the web.  This means, of course, that much of what’s on offer can be seen once you register, there’s the familiar big bonus wheel and there’s a few other terms and conditions you should keep a close eye on before throwing any of your own money into the site. 

The bonus wheel, of course, is open to new customers as a part of the same welcome bonus codes – grab your chance to win between £5 and £2500 before you even wager a penny.  Are the promo codes here enough to make the site something to sparkle amongst a sea of familiar platforms? Why should you grab a Cheers Bingo login? Let’s take a look.

Cheers Bingo Overview

Cheers Bingo does have a clear theme, premise and idea, but it unfortunately does rather dissolve into the Jumpman standards of old once you’re up and running. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, and the site does at least have a fair bit going for it over other sites on the network in the very fact that you get a fairly good idea of the games and bingo rooms on offer before you start. 

While it may not be the most brimming site for games in general, there is at least a varied selection and what is here has been widely tested and enjoyed hundreds of times over elsewhere. This may be a sticking point for many players, however, who may be looking for something a little more different or new to try out. 

That being said, the new Cheers Bingo promo codes should hopefully do more than enough to whet your appetite – who doesn’t like free cash?

There are a few items in the small print here that, again, we feel you should accustom yourself with before you get too deep into the deals and promotions. 

While we’re sure most players will keep a close eye on matters before placing too many wagers funded from their own funds, there is a big difference with many Jumpman sites in the wagering and withdrawal terms which put them at odds with similar sites elsewhere.  We will cover these details a little further down.

On the whole, Cheers Bingo is not necessarily the most original nor the most striking site of them all – but it does try to appeal to a wide range of players and it can hardly be said that it falters under a bad design – it just doesn’t do much to set itself apart!


  • Multiball bingo games
  • Casino games
  • Slots


  • 200% Cash matching free when you deposit at least £20
  • Free bonus spin for new customers – win up to £2500
  • Loyalty scheme
  • Bingo bonuses
  • Social media interaction
  • Chat games

Cheers Bingo Mobile Site

We are always pleased to see gaming sites big and small try to appeal to mobile users, particularly as many of us have now made the decision to leave our gaming via desktop behind where it belongs!  You can easily game on the go with Cheers Bingo – and you can make use of those great bonus codes while you’re at it, too.

Whether on the bus, the beach or waiting for an actual bingo game to start, simply grab your phone or tablet, browse to the main site and login to get access to all of your favourite games, all of the big promotions and more besides.  There’s no Cheers Bingo app at this time, however, we feel the site does more than enough to satisfy portable players.

The Cheers Bingo mobile site is very nice indeed – while it is obviously a smaller and more scaled-down version of the main page, it still does well to emulate much of the main content you may otherwise only be able to get access to via PC or laptop. 

Menus, banking and games catalogues are all very easy to come by, and you’ll never feel like you are missing out on popular games, tournaments or deals – just login and see for yourself! The minute an app becomes available, we are certain Cheers Bingo will let all existing customers know.

Signing Up

Getting started is very easy indeed and, thankfully, there’s not much coercion or restriction in place.  Many sites hide what they have to offer behind necessary registration – this is something we really don’t enjoy and it’s therefore great to see Cheers Bingo showing all it’s got to simple browsers and window-shoppers. 

Just supply your details, login and throw in that promotion code – and get your free bonus once you’ve cast in a bit of your own wonga!


The promotions here are nice and varied and there is a definite sense of community.  From loyalty points to chat games, weekly jackpots and social media games and promotions, we can hardly say that Cheers Bingo doesn’t put its back into a good deal – and this is all without mentioning those brilliant Cheers Bingo promo codes and bonus codes! 

If you’re likely to want to be loyal to a site, Cheers Bingo will be very happy to have you and to treat you all the same.


Many of the games here will be familiar but they are still well-loved and pay out regularly.  Enjoy Fluffy Favourites, Temple of Isis and Shaman’s Dream before going dabber-crazy in the bingo rooms – while slots players may have a better time here than bingo fanatics, there is still a reasonable balance that is rather absent from a few other sites on the Jumpman network. 

We like the fact that the games and rooms are so widely advertised, easy to find and even easier to leap into – take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Wagering Requirements

On the face of it, while basic wagering isn’t too bad here, there are a few terms you should be careful with.  You’ll generally be expected to wager 4x your bonus on bingo and 40x on games, but this is all without considering the £100 of your own money you’ll need to wager yourself. 

It is sadly common to a few Jumpman sites that so much cash has to be wagered first – and we do rather think it puts off a chunk off the casual audience.

Payments and Withdrawals

Cheers Bingo accepts major UK cards at this time, meaning that there is definitely still wiggle room here for alternative payment methods to be introduced – and we sincerely hope that they are!

To withdraw, meet wagering terms, deposit £100 of your own money and have £30 at least in your wallet – and be prepared to wait up to 7 days to receive your cash.


Help is on hand!  Call the Cheers Bingo contact number on 01481 734554 or email [email protected] with any concerns.  We would like to see online chat become a feature here in future.


Big bonus codes and deals aside, Cheers Bingo is sadly another Jumpman Gaming site which requests plenty from the customer before giving much back.  Certainly, while the games here are fun, there isn’t enough on offer to warrant the large wagering requirements demanded of players. If you’re in it for fun and not necessarily to cash out, give it a try – but you may be here for some time otherwise.


  • Nice site layout
  • Good mobile experience
  • Good promotions and social media integration


  • Very high wagering and withdrawal terms
  • No alternative payment support
  • No online chat functionality

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