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How many bingo and gaming sites give a little bit back to those in need?  Who can say – but Charity Bingo is amongst them, if not at the forefront.

It’s a site that has been around for a few years now and after a makeover to bring it into the modern age, existing customers have continued to find the games and deals here enticing enough to return for wheel spins, promo codes and more besides – and new customers will not just be enticed by the fact that the site donates to selected charities – there’s a brilliant new bonus code doing the rounds that will give you a ton of free bonus cash to try out the site with.

Charity Bingo bonus codes currently grant you a stonking 200% match on your first deposit, along with the chance to win an extra bonus prize or two on the site’s big bonus wheel. 

Bonus wheel games are a real staple of the Jumpman Gaming engine, and the site is one of the biggest and brightest proprietors on the network – meaning we can seriously see why so many people stick around for a game or two. 

Jumpman Gaming sites, however, do sway more towards slot games and instants, however, meaning that if bingo is more your style, you may not find the site too satisfying – that being said, it does at least try to bring in a balance, and for that we must applaud it.

Having played several different Jumpman sites in our time, we were curious to see what Charity Bingo had to offer to set itself apart from the pack. 

Of course, it raises money for nominated causes on a monthly basis – meaning that they’ll give £1 away for every £20 deposited – and they’ll keep you posted on exactly who will benefit each month and from how much.  But what else is there to really draw the players in? Let’s take a look?

Charity Bingo Overview

Charity Bingo is obviously set up with a noble cause in mind, and it is nice to see even small to medium sites offer a little bit back to various needy causes.  We’re sure the site raises tons of cash for those in need each month – and, as it goes, there is still plenty for you to get your teeth into as a player. Jumpman sites have the attractive bonus wheel feature for regular depositors and existing customers, along with a nice selection of bingo games and slot experiences, too. 

As a smallish site, it really does try hard – it goes for a very clean, cartoony style which will likely appeal to casual players, but at the same time, there’s plenty to try your hand at as a seasoned player, too.

The promotions will vary from season to season but you can guarantee there will be jackpot chances, big bonus codes and plenty of new ways to play the site’s variety of games and rooms. 

On the whole, while the site may seem a little basic or even cheesy to some on the face of things, it is deceptively deep – there needs to be plenty here to whet players’ whistles, after all, if the site is to garner enough cash to give to charity each month!

However, there are a number of terms here that seem to run common to some Jumpman sites which we feel you should be well aware of before depositing – and we will cover those a little further down the page.


  • Multiball bingo
  • Virtual casino
  • Online scratch cards
  • Slots


  • 200% Cash matching when you make your first deposit
  • Free wheel spin for new customers
  • Extra wheel spins for regular existing customers
  • Free bingo opportunities
  • Charity giving on each deposit of £20 or more


The games here are all well-signposted and there are plenty of opportunities for bingo, slots and more besides.  There is generally a nice balance here, but the games, wagering and overall feel of the site is rather weighted towards players in it for fun as opposed to winning big. 

Therefore, it is worth getting your money’s worth from the promo codes by splashing it around on whatever you feel – this really is a site which emphasises fun over big winnings, but it is all done in the name of charity – meaning we can hardly complain!

Mobile Compatibility

We like to see sites of all shapes and sizes try to give something back to bingo players and online gamers who may well be browsing and joining in the fun via phone or tablet.  After all, not many of us are so restricted to our PCs and laptops these days!

Charity Bingo may not have an official app just yet, but for the time being it at least has a decent portable version of its main catalogue of games, meaning that you can always login and enjoy what’s in store for you via desktop via phone or tablet instead. 

Y ou can also take advantage of all the great promo codes and offers via portable device, too, meaning there really is no chance of you missing out on functionality or big deals if you stray from the desktop of old.

As stated, while there may not be a Charity Bingo app for you to download at this time, there is at least a solid mobile site which goes some way to try and bring seamless emulation of the main site’s games and features to a whole different audience. 

The mobile site is very easy to use, navigate and get into, and we especially like the fact that it loads quickly and that there are just as many helpful menus and signposts for those of us that need a little helping hand in pointing in the right direction! 

We dare say that the mobile site is just as worthwhile getting into as the main site is, meaning that we have little doubt those of you who prefer gaming on the go will find much of an issue here.

Signing Up

Getting started is nice and simple and it’s always good to see that there are a plethora of options available for new customers – and that it’s relatively easy to jump into the games and bingo rooms with just a quick supply of details and a verification of your email address. 

Don’t forget to supply a payment option, too – as you’ll need this if you wish to take advantage of the bonus code deal as soon as possible!


From jackpot opportunities each month to Friday Fortunes (where £250 is up for grabs), there’s always a nice little event or theme on the go for you to get involved in to get your hands on a big cash prize.  This means that existing customers will always have something interesting to play for no matter when in the year they may sign in and deposit.

It’s always worth keeping your eyes out for any terms and conditions that may pop up, too – you can never be too careful!

Wagering Requirements

Wagering is well worth bearing in mind here before you start – while you will generally be required to wager 4x your bonus on bingo and 40x your bonus elsewhere, you will also need to be careful as the site requests you wager at least £100 of your own money before you can take any away.  These terms are very restrictive.

Payments and Withdrawals

Charity Bingo accepts payments from major UK cards but not from any alternative payment types at this time – this is a shame in our opinion as it means that some players are going to be shut out of getting involved.

To withdraw, as stated, you’ll need to have paid and played £100 of your own cash – and you’ll also need to make sure that you have £30 minimum available to take away.  You’ll therefore need to keep a close eye on matters if, as mentioned, you wish to cash out sooner rather than later.


Help is available from the Charity Bingo team either via contact number on 01481 734554, or via email through [email protected].  It’s good to have a variety of support options open, but we would have liked a live chat function here.


Charity Bingo has a nice set of promotion codes, games and genuine heart behind its premise but the fact that players will need to spend and play £100 before withdrawing may not sit well with everyone. 

There’s a few features here that other sites have monopolised upon which we think will be worthwhile, too – and time will tell whether or not they are implemented in future – meaning it may be worth grabbing a Charity Bingo login in advance.


  • Nice catalogue of games
  • Great premise
  • Good mobile site
  • Regular promotions and promo codes


  • High withdrawal and wagering terms will restrict some players
  • Only major UK cards accepted
  • No live chat

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