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Catholic Bingo may not be one of the best-known gaming sites around, however, they do appear to offer a friendly platform for a range of different bingo games – meaning that they may well be something of an appealing choice to those online dabbers looking for a little more variety in their game. 

Therefore, it’s probably best to check out exactly what Catholic Bingo has to offer behind the scenes – but before you get into the site, there’s a great new bonus code on offer to help you settle in.

By using the latest Catholic Bingo promo code you’ll grab yourself 100% cash matching on your first deposit worth up to £25 – meaning more cash for you to try out the site with on your first visit!  Pushing bingo to the forefront of the site, Catholic Bingo runs on the lesser-known Parlay gaming software – which does offer good functionality alongside a small variety of games.

We do enjoy a site which puts bingo front and centre if it has ‘bingo’ in its name – and Catholic Bingo is a rather humble little site which perhaps runs the risk of getting lost in a sea of like-minded sites and gaming platforms – this is something of a shame as the site does seem to have a fairly friendly atmosphere and a lot of support on offer. 

Catholic Bingo clubs can be found in various locations throughout the UK, too – and while they may not be as well-known as Gala, Mecca or even Castle Bingo, it is interesting that they too have opted to bring their games to an online audience – but what it may suffer from is the platform on which it is registered. This aside, it does still have a great new bonus code to offer.

That being said, it is nice to see even smaller bingo brands make the move to online gaming – but just how well does something like Catholic Bingo perform for existing customers beneath the veneer and opening deals?

Catholic Bingo Overview

Catholic Bingo may have plenty to offer deep down, but it is oddly sparse even at first glance – this is a very small site which is trying to push the brand to a wider online audience – and while it may have a pleasing and rather modern colour scheme and style, it is strangely bereft of much of the glitz and glamour that make some of the other small to medium sites appeal so well to wider audiences. 

The main page has two sections for you to click on – Bingo and Clubs – both of which largely direct you towards passages on the text on both their online presence and where you can find their clubs in the UK.

Beyond this, the graphics and general lack of variety on the main page do little to inspire us – some of the graphics are even repeated alongside one another – and there is sadly no opportunity for new customers to get a glimpse at exactly what Catholic Bingo has to offer in their games and bingo catalogue barring their generally interesting welcome promo code. 

There is an effort made in terms of advertising some of the themed deals and promotions regularly running here, but beyond this, it is hard to get excited in the site – it seems rather under-developed, with a number of slots remaining bare and little outside of registration for new customers to get a taste for.

Therefore, we were certainly hopeful that the website offers a little more bite when it came to their genuine content beyond the first impressions left by its outward appearance and layout.


  • Multiball bingo games
  • Slot games


  • 100% Cash matching promo codes for new customers
  • ‘Golden Scoop’ jackpot game

Portable Play

In our experience, it is always good for a gaming or bingo site to make some form of an effort to appeal to portable players, or those of us more likely to take our bingo, chat and promotion codes away with us on our phones or tablets. 

Many of the bigger sites – Gala, Ladbrokes and Coral among them – offer dedicated mobile versions of their main websites and free apps for you to download. Even some of the smaller sites are getting in on the game too, with more and more players choosing to leave their laptops and PCs behind. 

Some smaller sites, however, like Catholic Bingo, sadly don’t offer the same level of commitment that many other platforms we review provide.

There does not sadly seem to be any provision in place at Catholic Bingo for mobile play – meaning that anyone hoping to give the network a try may be sorely disappointed should they visit the site on their phone. 

You will be greeted by the same basic version of the site, which is of course not optimised to be viewed on any devices beyond a basic PC or laptop – meaning that, sadly, Catholic Bingo is once again somewhat behind the times in their approach to garnering a wider audience. 

We are hopeful that the team running the site implements some form of flexible site design to this end in future updates.

Starting Out

Signing up here is at least very simple, with the registration button clearly highlighted and nicely presented towards the top corner of the main page.  You are unfortunately required to sign up to get more than a glimpse at what Catholic Bingo has to offer, meaning that it is regrettably not one of the most user-friendly experiences for window shoppers or new customers looking for a quick peek at what lies behind the site’s façade. 

A shame – there are bigger sites that do this too, but we would have enjoyed more of a tour before putting down our sensitive data.


It’s hard to tell exactly how many promotions Catholic Bingo operates, as the main site mainly informs you about its admittedly enticing bonus code, its jackpot game and your ability to pre-order tickets – these advertisements don’t particularly whet our whistle for gaming, but once you are registered and logged in there is at least a couple of regular events and promos for you to get involved with as an existing customer.


The site holds both bingo and slot games, but until you register, you will barely get a look at them – this is rather disappointing.  While there has been effort here to bring games to an online audience already aware of the physical club brand, there could have been much more of a focus applied to building up the catalogue and giving prospective new customers a chance to see what lies behind the registration form. 

This, for us, is a clincher – while the bingo and slots do work relatively well once you’re in, the site does very little to inspire us to find out more – it is less about mystery and more about blandness, we are afraid to say. A very basic site with a basic range of games.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering here will generally require you to play back at least 2x your bonus to claim back a win, meaning those players looking to cash out sooner rather than later will likely be very enamoured by such terms.  Certainly, they are amongst the most attractive we’ve seen.


Catholic Bingo widely accepts payments and withdrawals to UK cards, which is at least acceptable – but without a focus on alternative online wallets and payment methods, the site runs the risk of avoiding a much wider player base.

The withdrawal terms are, at least, very reasonable indeed.  Simply have £20 ready to go in your online account and you can expect your cash back within 24 hours on a weekday.  These are some of the best terms on the web – why can’t the rest of the site be so impressive?


You can get help from the Catholic Bingo customer services team by chatting online, emailing [email protected], or calling the contact number 0207 277 2233.  This is a nice spread of support for such a small site – we are suitably impressed.


Why get a Catholic Bingo login?  Catholic Bingo is a very small site that is largely promoting a relatively small chain of UK clubs to an admirable degree – however, as a very small fish in a big pond of bingo and gaming sites, it simply isn’t doing enough to sit as a viable contender for many players’ interests. 

The site is extremely basic, offers no dedicated mobile support and locks anything it does have away behind a registration wall. On a bigger gaming engine such as Dragonfish or Cozy Games, Catholic Bingo may do well. With a solid support network and generally fantastic terms, we look forward to seeing what the site does in future.


  • Very good terms for withdrawals and wagering
  • Solid support network
  • Catholic Bingo bonus codes


  • Very basic site
  • Not much to offer prospective new customers
  • No mobile support
  • No alternative payment methods beyond UK cards

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