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For high class gaming, including bingo, slots and casino games, CAESARS Bingo should arguably be one of your first ports of call.  We therefore recommend you head on over to the site, which is painted in a glossy red and black colour scheme, somewhat dark and luxurious in comparison to many of the other gaming sites of this nature and size! 

Operating on GameSys, CAESARS Bingo offers a nice range of bingo rooms and virtual casino opportunities for players who like to take their gaming a little more seriously than those in the mainstream. This is by no means a bad thing! 

The site is also offering huge bonus code deal right now, meaning that you can grab a free bonus of up to £200 just from a simple promo code that you enter once you’re ready to sign up and login. This is great news for anyone looking to try out the site for the first time without having to spend too much of their own cash in the bargain!

The bonus codes here will grant you 200% cash matching on your first deposit, meaning that providing you input a little bit of your own money on login, the suite will copy what you’ve put in by up to double – this is a great little deal and it’s not hard to see why so many existing customers enjoy coming here. 

Amongst the different gaming platforms and choices of catalogues available, it’s interesting to find a site which offers something of a more polished look and a professional slant on games – that being said, it never pays to judge a book by its cover.

While CAESARS Bingo may look the part, does it deliver the goods?  There’s a good range of games here such as Double Bubble and Tiki Totems – and while many players will have tried these games out before, there are more than plenty of reasons to want to give them another go all over again.

Let’s take a closer look at what CAESARS Bingo has to offer new players. – and if it’s worth you signing up for a CAESARS Bingo login.

CAESARS Bingo in Brief

CAESARS Bingo, as stated, is rather striking in its design, being rather dark and sleek in its approach to presenting its games catalogue, bingo rooms and more besides – we definitely think it’s rather fitting. 

The site appears to have borrowed greatly from the Las Vegas look, and as it is named after one of the biggest casinos around, it’s not hard to understand that this is the route they were heading in. On the face of it, we enjoy the different visual appeal. 

Beyond the initial charm, however, it is rather flat and solid after some time – it’s not necessarily as captivating nor as pleasing to visit as some of your cheerier sites and platforms, meaning it may not appeal to everybody on the market.

CAESARS Bingo presents its games and deals well, with plenty of information on the opening promo codes easily available to view and learn more about at your leisure. 

You can easily find the site’s range of slots, casino games and bingo rooms, and while there is clearly more of a slant towards casino and slots here, there is at least a nice balance to try and cater to everybody.  With only a handful of bingo rooms, however, it’s safe to say that many bingo players may feel they are better off plumping for a more dedicated site.

There are other matters about the site which we found rather striking – and we will cover those further on in the review in a little more detail.


  • Multiball bingo
  • Virtual casino experience
  • Slots


  • Up to £200 in free bonus via 200% cash matching on your first deposit
  • BOGOF bingo tickets available daily
  • Guaranteed prize games
  • CAESARS Bingo promo code opportunities

CAESARS Bingo Mobile Site

We like gaming sites to try and make some form of an effort when it comes to appealing to portable players.  This can mean watering down the site for use on handheld, or it can even mean creating an app for mobile and tablet users to enjoy on the go. 

We were all the more disappointed to find that there is no responsive CAESARS Bingo mobile site at present. Navigating to the main site from your handheld device will simply bring up the main desktop site, meaning that you may find that you cannot launch and play the games you want to due to software incompatibility.  This, as you can imagine, was extremely frustrating!

Gaming with CAESARS Bingo at present is sadly restricted to the PC and laptop.  This means that you’ll need to make sure you login and apply any bonus codes you may have to hand via the main site, and that the mobile version is yet to raise its head at all – a rather sad state of affairs in 2017, and very surprising for a website that appears to be so well-presented on first glance. 

It would be nice for a dedicated CAESARS Bingo app to emerge at some point – it runs several games that can be found on bigger sites such as JackpotJoy, those of which can be used perfectly on the go – but the majority of the experience here is not mobile-friendly and we would therefore recommend you stick to desktop gaming until these issues are ironed out.  It’s a shame!


The games here are generally solid and are popular elsewhere, meaning that if Double Bubble slots are up your alley or if you prefer a bit of virtual casino action, you really can get your fill for less.  The casino and slots elements are nicely weighted and easy to find, and everything is fairly quick to load up.

The one area of the site that is in need of a little TLC, however, is the bingo experience. There are only a handful of rooms here, meaning that the title of the site is slightly misleading – it is much more a casino than it is a bingo platform.

Signing Up

You can take a good look at everything the site has to offer before registering, meaning that you can make a decision in your own time without feeling forced into a deal. 

We therefore recommend you check out some of what CAESARS Bingo has on display before jumping in – the promotion code is fantastic, but this is a site with a heavy slant towards slots and casino games, meaning that it will certainly pay to window-shop first.


Sadly, there’s not much in the way of deals or promotions here.  There’s some nice jackpot games, guaranteed wins and BOGOF bingo taking place on a daily basis, but you more or less have the promo codes to rely upon if you want to get the most out of the site’s generosity.  It’s sadly another aspect of the site that feels rather sparse – we’d love to see more opportunities for existing customers to win prizes.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering here will vary from game to game, meaning that whether you play bingo or casino games, you are going to need to keep an eye on those terms and conditions.  Generally, though, you’ll be expected to play back at least 4x your deposit and bonus, meaning that the terms are at least fairly competitive with elsewhere.

Payments and Withdrawals

CAESARS Bingo currently accepts funding to and from UK cards such as Visa, Electron, Maestro and MasterCard, as well as PayPal and PaySafe. 

We think the main bases are safely covered here – while there may not be the extensive coverage that some sites apply to alternative or online wallets, we like the fact that PayPal, a hugely popular online payment engine, is placed front and centre.  To withdraw, make sure you have at least £10 in your online wallet. Beyond this, you may only have to wait three working days to receive your winnings.


Customer support is available via the CAESARS Bingo contact number on 0800 458 0747, or via web form on login.  It would have been nice to see a live chat feature put in place here, however, the fact that you can talk to an advisor and email them are nice enough avenues for us.


CAESARS Bingo may look the part but it is very divisive – this is a site which will likely appeal to those looking to win big, and with more of an angle towards casino and slot games than bingo rooms, we think more could be done here to appeal to the masses. 

The lack of a fully-functional mobile site is troubling, however, the presence of a decent games catalogue and reasonable terms will appeal to many.


  • Nice looking site
  • Good games catalogue
  • Very reasonable terms
  • Great CAESARS Bingo voucher codes


  • No dedicated mobile platform
  • Barely any promotions
  • Watered-down bingo experience
  • No live chat

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