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There’s not just a myriad of sights and smells down on the farm – there’s bingo, too!  Brown Cow Bingo is a friendly-looking gaming site which makes use of the popular Dragonfish platform to ensure that new customers are warmly welcomed into the various games, deals and promotions they have in store for all and sundry. 

As with other similar Dragonfish sites, the games here are well-laid out, are sourced from various solid platforms and offer big payouts as well as plenty of guaranteed fun. The theme here, too, while rather silly, is nicely presented – certainly one of the more effective Dragonfish designs we’ve come across. 

With a deposit of £10 and a bonus code, too, you can grab yourself a great opening deal so that you can discover the best of what the site has to offer without having to worry about spending too much of your own cash in the bargain!

Brown Cow Bingo bonus codes currently grant players £30 free to play on bingo and £5 free to play on slots from just £10 – it’s a fairly unique deal which we think works well in splitting free bonus credit across various promotions and features that the site has to offer. 

Promo codes only crop up once in a blue moon, meaning that this unique deal will be well worth taking advantage of ahead of time – get yourself down to the farm and grab the promotion code while you can, and all you will ever need to do is make a small deposit and supply a minimum of information!  Let’s take a further look at what really makes Brown Cow Bingo tick!

Brown Cow Bingo Overview

Brown Cow Bingo is a site which picks up its theme and runs with it – while other cheesier themed sites may not put too much effort into how their site looks generally, it is safe to say that this particular platform genuinely cares about how it looks to visitors. 

To some, the visuals may seem cheesy or even childish – however, we think they are presented in a fantastic and confident manner which will likely convert visitors into new customers in no time at all.

As it is a Dragonfish site, too, many players may feel that they have seen everything that the site has to offer a hundred times before – yes, while things may seem familiar, you can at least depend upon a fairly solid experience that most players will get a kick out of.

The games and experiences as well as deals and promo codes are well signposted and are also very easy to launch and get into.  The desktop site is nice and responsive, meaning that it can be easily used across a plethora of different browsers and devices without any loss of functionality. 

Some may argue that Dragonfish sites are all the same – however, we argue that if the Dragonfish engine works – and if the deals are great – why bother fixing anything?  We definitely think, on the face of it, Brown Cow Bingo is a fun-looking site which will likely entice players of all levels and interests.


  • Multiball bingo games
  • Virtual casino
  • Online scratch cards
  • Slots


  • £30 bingo bonus and £5 slots bonus on your first £10 deposit
  • Happy Hour bonus codes and deals
  • Themed bingo events
  • Sure Win events

Phone Gaming

Most Dragonfish sites promote their ability to mould to mobile devices very easily indeed, and thankfully, Brown Cow Bingo is one of them.  We love the fact that players are able to easily move their games and accounts from device to device without having to worry about a loss of functionality, experience or even fun. 

Some bigger sites may provide standalone apps or programs to help bolster their mobile presence, however, we think that if a portable site is designed well enough, there is little need for anything extra or clunky to download. 

Apps can sometimes remove you from the action slightly – and thankfully, following in Dragonfish’s footsteps, Brown Cow Bingo is very much alive and kicking on phone and tablet browsers.

Get moo-ving to the mobile site simply by navigating to the main page from your device of choice and the site will do the rest.  The responsive design is very easy to navigate and it’s even easier to launch games from for portable fun. While some gamers may worry that they risk losing functionality or features by shifting to a ‘lite’ version, there is no need for such concerns here. 

Simply prepare yourself for a smaller version of the main site but expect to play all of your favourites without loss of fun or functionality! You can take advantage of promotions, promo codes and ongoing events anywhere and anytime you like – meaning that Brown Cow Bingo is thankfully yet another site that understands the importance of giving mobile players a solid and fun experience outside of the PC and laptop arena.


Dragonfish sites are generally very easy to sign up with and there is never a sense that they are pushing you into a deal you don’t want to be a part of!  Brown Cow Bingo continues its trend of being friendly and helpful by allowing you to sign up with your details at your own pace, and by allowing you to make sure that you agree with all the terms they lay out for you. 

Verify an email address, register a payment method and deposit your first £10 to get the most out of your promo code – and from here, you’re free to use your bingo and slots bonuses however you please!


Dragonfish players will have seen many of these deals and events before, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting!  We love the Sure Win games, the bingo events and the chances for you to share part of a huge jackpot – while the bingo experience here may not be as advanced as other sites stand up to be, we do like that the Dragonfish mantra is to really boost the experience through jackpot games and ongoing events.  It does a lot to keep existing customers interested and happy to boot!

Brands and Games

The games here, again, are going to be familiar to many.  Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Jack and the Beanstalk are all gaming staples and they are all frequently seen making up the bulk of the Dragonfish catalogue.  Therefore, while you’ve likely seen and played these titles before, why not use your extra credit here to play them all again? There’s no harm in checking out your favourites with a free bonus!

The bingo experience is unfortunately limited to only a handful of rooms, which while disappointing, is at least still backed up by great ongoing promotions and events to help keep things relatively interesting. 

We don’t think bingo fanatics will have much of a problem getting into the games providing they stick around for the big bonuses on a regular basis. Once again, the games, rooms and deals are all very easy to find and launch, making Brown Cow Bingo a user friendly dream.

Wagering Requirements

To be able to cash out after taking up a bonus offer, simply make sure you pay a certain amount of credit back into the site!  You’ll need to wager 6x your deposit and bonus for bingo, and 80s for slots. Therefore, you’re perhaps more likely to meet terms through the bingo rooms – but don’t let the slots terms put you off looking around!

Funding Terms

The site accepts payments from and to Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, and even has functionality in place for PayPal, Neteller, EntroPay and PaySafe.  Therefore, we think this is a fairly good coverage of the majority of services players are likely to use.

To withdraw, you will need to have put in £30 of your own money and will need to make sure you have £20 available in your account.  Simply wait up to seven working days and your cash will be with you!


You can get help from the Dragonfish team simply by calling the contact number 0800 9012 2510, chatting with staff in real time via the help room or by emailing through web form once you login.  It’s great to have several options open to you – simply pick the type of support that fits your needs the most!


Brown Cow Bingo may seem rather basic or even cheesy on the outside, but it’s hiding a very solid Dragonfish platform that we think will be well worth a visit on the strength of its opening deals and user friendly layout alone.  Definitely get yourself down to the barnyard and grab a Brown Cow Bingo login if you’re new in town!


  • Nice site design, solid theme
  • Lots of support
  • Great Dragonfish games
  • Plenty of regular promotions


  • Bingo experience could be better
  • Dragonfish standards may seem samey to some
  • High slots wagering

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