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Ready to blast off into the BingoSphere?  This site is relatively new – less than a year old at the time of writing – and it certainly stands out as one of the more impressive-looking contemporary platforms. 

Based around a martian theme, the website comes complete with a friendly alien mascot who appears throughout the promotional material and menus – he’s likely to bring a lot of fun to proceedings, and from the off the site appears to be one that is keen to promote fun as opposed to simply big wins. 

This means it may well appeal to one set of players as opposed to another, but the site has much more hidden up its sleeves than it may first seem. For example, there’s a BingoSphere bonus code deal going on right now which grants new customers with a relatively unbeatable chance to try out their space-age site for themselves.

The promotion codes on offer right now not only grant you a whopping £15 in free bonus credit to try out the site, but also a further 350% in cash matching on your first deposit.  This means that you’ll be able to claim back an additional £35 on a £10 deposit.

These kinds of bonus codes don’t crop up every day, meaning that you will likely do well to grab them and use them while you can! 

The site is run on the popular Cozy Games engine, meaning that while many of the deals and games may seem familiar to some players, we think the site’s design and personality have enough of a ‘wow’ factor to encourage players from all over the country to sign up.  Seatbelts on and start the countdown – let’s see what BingoSphere is all about!

BingoSphere Overview

BingoSphere bonus codes are not just the only things that the site brings to the table which are worth knowing about!  The site is nicely designed with menus and grids laying out exactly what’s on offer – from deals and promotions to bingo rooms and games to play. 

The site is marked by a glowing blue and purple theme along with striking fonts – meaning that it’s likely to catch the eye of anyone who likes their gaming sites to come with a bit of visual appeal.  The games here – such as Toony Jack, New Honey Bees and Aztecs – may be nothing new to some players, but they are at least put across in a unique and original way.

That being said, those players who like to avoid ‘theme’ sites may not feel as at home here as everyone else.  There is real dedication to the design here and after a while it can wear a little – but beyond this, everything is laid out nicely with little complaints to be given in terms of accessibility and overall function. 

The bingo rooms here far outpace those offered by many Dragonfish sites, meaning that there may well be more on offer here for true bingo heads than anybody else.


  • 30 to 90 multiball bingo
  • Slot games
  • Instant wins


  • £15 free to play when you register
  • 350% cash matching on your first deposit
  • Regular themed jackpot deals and offers


The site’s promotions appear to be fairly standard to the Cozy Games network though this should never put you off.  Much of what Cozy has to offer promotion-wise seems to vary from season to season, meaning that you should definitely consider looking back in on BingoSphere after a few months to see what’s going on! 

From free bingo to tournaments and regular themed events, while there may only be a few rooms on offer, the site at least tries to beef up the experience by bringing in twists and features that liven up the party a little.  Do take care and keep an eye on that small print, however!

Mobile Compatibility

If you’re looking for a BingoSphere app at this time, we’re afraid you may go wanting – however, there is more than plenty of accessibility and style on display through the platform’s dedicated mobile site. 

Following in the footsteps of other Cozy Games sites, BingoSphere does well to transfer its catalogue of games and bingo rooms to portable players, and while the ‘lite’ nature of a mobile site has come to be expected by many players, this is not such a negative connotation. 

We enjoyed playing the games available from the site via tablet, and have little doubt that you’ll have any difficulty getting into the slots, bingo and more while playing on the move.

While some bigger sites may offer dedicated apps and other programs for you to be able to play through other devices, there’s no such need here – and we don’t always find apps to be completely necessary. 

All you need to do is to visit the website directly from your device’s browser and the site will instantly adapt to the device you are using. This means that there’s never a loss of functionality from laptop to phone, and that you can enjoy what appears to be the full range of games and features even when you’re not glued to your desk. 

Take it from us – you can leave the PC behind for a change and take a chance on the portable platform!

Signing Up

You don’t need to sign up to see what’s on offer, but doing so is easy enough to do and you can throw in your promo code just as soon as you login.  Simply verify an email address and pay in with your method of choice to grab cash matching – and that elusive free money that we think is hard to match elsewhere.  You can then login when you like, wherever you like p- via laptop, PC or even on the go with your phone or tablet.

Games Selection

The games here, again, are what you’re likely to expect from a Cozy Games site.  This means that all the slots and themed rooms you’re used to are once again rearing their heads, but with a great starting deal, you can be assured of extra credit to play these classic games all over again without the added expense. 

It’s worth bearing in mind, too, that these games are well-loved and have served players well over the years, meaning that there are little in the way of complaints from us as far as the games catalogue is concerned.

The promotions and deals do well to embellish and improve on what’s available here, however, there is still a danger that more seasoned players will be turned off by the samey nature of the site.  We like the additions of free tournaments for existing customers and the unique design of the catalogue, but it otherwise does little to distance itself from the Cozy Games sites of old.

Wagering Requirements

To be able to withdraw off the back of taking on board a bonus code or two, you will often need to play back your income a few times over.  Therefore, it’s always worth looking into what each site declares in terms of wagering requirements.

Here, you’ll need to play back at least 4x your deposit and bonus on bingo, and 10x on slots.  These terms double if you take on a no deposit deal – however, you can refuse to take offers on if you want to avoid wagering altogether.


BingoSphere accepts most UK cards (mainly MasterCard and Visa), but will also accept Neteller, Skrill and PaySafe.  This is a decent range of payment methods but we feel there could have been a few more additions to this list to open up to a wider audience.

To withdraw, you will need to have paid in at least £10 of your own money and will also need to make sure you have at least £30 in your cashpot before you take anything out.  You can withdraw once every five days – meaning that if you win often, you may have to wait a little while before you see your cash returned to you. You’ll only have to wait up to five working days to get your cash back.


You can get help at any time from the team either via contact number on 02036 081305, through live chat or via online web form.  It’s always good to have a few avenues open to you!


BingoSphere does well to establish itself with a unique design and appeal that we think will connect well with more casual players.  That being said, the games and deals may seem a bit too familiar to well-travelled gamers. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the withdrawal system here is a little tighter than most.  All in all, not a bad little site – but far from the best.


  • Interesting site design and premise
  • Makes the most of the Cozy Games engine
  • Great opening deals


  • Games are very familiar
  • Withdrawal terms may turn some players away

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