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When it comes to great value bingo deals and games, Bingolicious really think they’ve got things licked!  We certainly don’t see why not, thanks to a fantastic opening bonus code that grants new customers with the chance to match whatever they choose to deposit by up to a superb 150%.  

We love cash matching deals – there’s nothing quite like having a good promo code throw free bonus credit into your account so you can try before you buy! The site is marked by colours in bright green and pink, both of which really help to make it stands out amongst the competition.  

As with many other small to medium sites out there, Bingolicious finds its home on the tried-and-tested Dragonfish network – and while it may be more than familiar to some, this means that the site is at least solidly presented with a great games catalogue and brilliant customer care.

The 150% cash matching promo code is available to all customers from now, meaning that we encourage you to go over and have a look if you’re new to the idea of online bingo and gaming – after all, there are likely to be a fair few of you out there who have never even heard of Dragonfish before!  

Bingolicious is designed and built with a specific audience in mind, and while it certainly seems appealing on the outside, there are of course a few matters you will need to look into beneath the surface. On the face of things, however, Bingolicious is gorgeous in green and perky in pink – but let’s face it, it’s the games and deals that matter!

Bingolicious Overview

Bingolicious makes good use of the well-worn Dragonfish engine by splashing its own personality and colours over the long-standing games, promotions and deals.  

Certainly, it is one of the most striking and certainly most interesting sites on the network, making it an ideal choice for anyone who is new to gaming or to anyone who may not have seen or played on Dragonfish before.  

The 150% cash match bonus code is also a big draw – only the best sites offer these kinds of deals, and while some opening offers can come ten a penny, few offer the range that Bingolicious has to back them up with.

The site is overall very easy to use.  Everything you need to know, and games you’d like to play are very clearly signposted and there’s a definite feeling of fun about the setup.  

This means it will more than likely gear up those players who are in it for a bit of fun – but beneath the surface, there are plenty more games, opportunities and deals for more serious players and big winners to get into.  The site, in places, does possess that familiar Dragonfish setup – but they at least make a conscious effort to really brand themselves as their own entity.


  • Multiball bingo games
  • Virtual casino
  • Online scratch cards
  • Slot games


  • 150% cash match on your first deposit
  • Regular jackpot opportunities
  • Guaranteed cash games
  • Bonus codes

Signing Up

Getting started couldn’t be easier, and thankfully, all of the games, rooms and promotions available are easy to see and read up on before you need to submit a single piece of information.  Once you have registered, however, simply verify an email address, login and throw in a promo code of your choice when depositing.

Your cash will then be matched by 150% – meaning that you’ll have over double your money to go and try out the various games and offers available throughout the site.  What better opportunity is there to get to know Bingolicious? On top of this, there’s no nasty email marketing requirements in place, either.

Smartphone Gaming

Most Dragonfish sites work very well indeed on mobile, and we’re happy to see that Bingolicious follows this trend.  Even if there is a ‘lite’ selection or version of a main page for you to enjoy on the go, we consider this a plus – as there are still some bigger named sites who fail to offer a decent mobile experience despite their expertise and reach!  

Bingolicious have ensured that portable users can easily navigate, launch games and enjoy their favourite slots and bingo experiences without having to worry about getting lost or frustrated in the interim. The vast majority of what Bingolicious has to offer is available across handheld devices, and while there is no sign of an official Bingolicious app at this time, the solid handheld framework here more than satisfies.

While the ‘lite’ versions of gaming sites can remove some of the functionality and the pacing of their desktop cousins, we think Bingolicious’ effort is perfectly admirable – the trend in Dragonfish sites, as it goes, is the provision of simple yet functional mobile games that stand up to their desktop rivals – and we foresee portable players having no problems taking their favourite Bingolicious games and deals on the go.  

You’re able to chat in bingo rooms and you can even buy tickets in advance – meaning that there are plenty of features carried over from the main site that some mobile users may not be expecting.


The deals here are generally those which you may find across Dragonfish in general, from the Loyalty Plan to the 2 million loyalty point share.  You’ll get the opportunity to play in jackpot bingo events, guarantee yourself a prize in the Sure Win games, and can even find yourself a free tickets and spins from the regular offers that roll through the site on a regular basis.  

What’s not to like? Keep an eye out for new promo codes, too!

Games Catalogue

The bingo rooms and slot games here are fairly standardises, meaning that if you’ve played via Dragonfish before, you may well be familiar with much on offer here.  

This isn’t always a bad thing – games such as Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst are still extremely solid and are well worth playing, especially when you have the added free bonus of promotion code credit sitting in your cashpot!  Fun players will have no problem getting into the games, while more serious players may be surprised as to how much some of the titles genuinely pay out!

The bingo experience, as with elsewhere, can seem a little underwhelming.  We love the fact that there are so many spins on bingo jackpots and the rooms available, however, there could have been a little more variety in themed rooms and experiences.  

That being said, there is at least more than enough information on what’s going on, where you can find certain games and how you can get into them and potentially win big. Is it true that once you’ve tried one Dragonfish site, you’ve tried them all?  Some of them can get rather samey – but at the same time, you are at least guaranteed a good time with some variety.


Wagering here will require you to play at least 4x your deposit and bonus on bingo, with at least 80x on slots.  The terms for bingo here aren’t too bad – but anyone looking to withdraw their slots winnings may well want to look elsewhere.  It isn’t uncommon, sadly, for some sites to really beef up the wagering terms on slots.

Payments and Withdrawals

Bingolicious will accept major UK cards in the form of Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, and will also let you pay in and cash out with Neteller, PayPal, PaySafe and EntroPay.  This is a good range of payment and withdrawal methods, meaning that the site more than satisfies in this regard.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you’ll need to have at least £20 in your cashpot before you can withdraw it to take with you, but you may only have to wait between three and ten working days to get hold of the cash.  It’s also worth knowing that you can’t withdraw more than £400 over your initial deposit and free credit in bonus money that has been accrued from winnings – so keep an eye on your cashpot!


As with all Dragonfish sites, you can get support from the team either via contact number on 0800 901 2510, through on-site web form or via the live chat feature.  This is a great set of support avenues that, again, does the site justice.


Bingolicious is a perfectly affable and brilliantly fun site that has plenty to offer existing customers from the Dragonfish catalogue.  The opening deals are great, and while more seasoned players may have seen much of what is here many times before, we think there is more than enough charm and variety for it to appeal to first-timers, and those looking to get in on the opening bonus.


  • Nice-looking site
  • Solid Dragonfish catalogue
  • Mobile site works well
  • Plenty of support available


  • May be a little too samey for some
  • Could use a few more bingo rooms
  • High wagering on slots

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