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With so many bingo and gaming sites out there, it is perhaps a surprise to learn that there are still so many new ones springing up on the horizon!  Bingo52 is easily one of the newest on the block, as it only opened its doors in 2016 – in comparison to some of the sites that have been around since 2003, it’s refreshing to see that the online gaming community and trends are still alive and well. 

Believe it or not, however, this is another site that continues to make use of the tried and tested Dragonfish formula!

Bingo52 brands itself based on your ability to play bingo and games on the site 52 weeks a year – as other sites already offer this functionality, we’re not sure whether or not it’s a valid selling point – but those concerns aside, the site is currently providing new customers with a fabulous bonus code for you to enter and grab 400% cash matching on your first deposit.

We love cash matching – it really does help your money to travel far, whether you’re depositing low or are putting more cash in to really take advantage of the fund mirroring.  The promo code here will enable you to take on an extra £40 when you deposit £10 – though there is unfortunately no provision in place for more free bonus credit if you want to deposit more. 

That being said, £40 for £10 should never be sniffed at – it’s extra cash, after all! Bonus codes and promotion code opportunities will more than likely continue to spring up on the site, meaning that if you’re keen to make the most of your moolah, you can do no harm by getting yourself a Bingo52 login.

Bingo52 Overview

Bingo52 is a very new site, and despite the fact that it uses the Dragonfish catalogue and engine to present its features and promotions, it must be said that there has at least been something of an effort made to set the site apart from its contemporaries. 

The design is bright, cheerful and perhaps a little simplistic for some players – it’s clear they’re aiming to grab the interest of the casual market here, which is no bad thing, though it may mean that the more seasoned serious players among us find the site a little too on-the-nose.

That being said, the 400% cash matching promo code will do enough to entice new players of all calibres.  You can enter in your chosen bonus code at any time, and, true to Dragonfish form, you can access promotions, deals and more besides across all devices. 

It’s a site that may not seem too original on the face of it, but it is arguably amongst the cream of the Dragonfish crop for the sheer effort that has been put into the design elements.  Grab your bonus code and get dabbing!


  • Multiball bingo games
  • Slots
  • Virtual casino
  • Online scratch cards
  • Instant win games


  • £40 free when you deposit £10
  • Low wagering
  • Loyalty Plan
  • Shared prize games
  • Themed events
  • Jackpot opportunities
  • Bonus codes

Mobile Compatibility

Anyone who’s played a Dragonfish site before will know, for all the platform’s nuances, features and seeming simplicity, they work very well indeed on mobile devices. 

This is very good news indeed – there are even big name sites who don’t offer the scope and scale of support for portable players that some of the lesser Dragonfish outfits do, and we think they could learn a thing or two from sites such as Bingo52! 

You don’t always need a flashy app or a big, bulging platform full of features – just convert enough of your games, bingo experience and promotions to work on alternative devices and you will be doing more than enough to help handheld gamers.  

Bingo52 works very well on the go – all you will ever need to do is browse directly to the main page from the device you wish to use – grab your phone or tablet and navigate straight to the website.  There’s no need for extra downloads nor fiddly apps here, just login and enjoy.

Some websites, too, have the option for you to text or scan the mobile site from a QR Code – we hardly see the point! Bingo52, amongst many other Dragonfish standards, does the right thing by providing mobile users with a fantastic, feature-rich experience as soon as they browse to the site and enter their Bingo52 login.  Simple!

Signing Up

Similarly withy other Dragonfish sites, we really doubt you’ll have much of a problem getting started here.  Bingo52 takes a minimum of information from you – have a payment method to hand as well – and you’ll simply need to verify an email address before you can leap in, login and start trying the games. 

There’s no trappings such as email lists or other promotions here, meaning that what you see really will be what you get. If you need any help during the sign-up process, however, there is always the opportunity for you to speak to the team via phone, live chat or through web form.


The promotions here are generally those that you will find standardised across the Dragonfish network. 

This isn’t a bad thing! You can sign up to the Loyalty Plan to gain points for each deposit you make, take part in Happy Hour and Weekender to boost your cashpot, and you can even get yourself into a prize draw or two – this rather sets the site apart from the Dragonfish standard, though the style and design of the offers page rather aims to do that already.


The games here are, sadly, what you’ve come to expect if you’re fairly well-travelled in the bingo and slots scene.  Despite being a very new iteration of the Dragonfish standard, Bingo52 hosts a very similar selection of games which, while familiar, still work solidly and still pay well for the money you put in.  This means that if you’re a fan of Kronos, Starburst or Bruce Lee 2, you’ll have no problem fitting into the action here.  

The bingo experience is sadly little different from the Dragonfish sites of old, meaning that there are only three rooms to pick from with only a tiny bit of variety between them.  That being said, there is a colossal amount of promotions and events going on surrounding bingo on a regular basis, meaning that the site is at least aware of the fact that players who are mad for bingo may wish to liven up their games. 

We would have liked the site to make use of some of the newer Dragonfish premiums here, but as such, there’s plenty of variety to balance it out.

Wagering Requirements

You’ll be expected to pay a little back into the site if you wish to grab winnings from a bonus code registration – these terms vary from site to site, and here at Bingo52, they are very competitive indeed! 

You’ll only be expected to wager back 2x your deposit and bonus on bingo off the back of the welcome deal, with the terms rising to 4x afterwards. We think this is a great and innovative way to get new customers interested – and it certainly works in the site’s favour.

Payments and Withdrawals

To pay in, simply have a major UK card to hand – Visa, MasterCard, Maestro – or one of several alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Neteller, EntroPay, PaySafe, Boku or even through Wire Transfer.  This really is going to extra mile in terms of inclusivity. You can withdraw to these methods without restriction, too.

To withdraw, simply have £20 in your cashpot and make sure you’ve deposited at least £5 of your own money first.  This isn’t too much to ask, and with a maximum 7 working day clearance period, you can hardly argue with the terms on offer here. 


For help and advice, call the Dragonfish contact number on 0800 901 2510, chat with an advisor in real time or send an email via web form.  The hotline and live chat features are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Bingo52 is still very much in its infancy, but it does try hard to set itself apart from its Dragonfish contemporaries.  The promo code offer here is interesting and very competitively termed, and while many existing customers will have seen the games and promotions here hundreds of times before, we hardly think that this is a reason for the site to be dismissed. 

We would have liked to have seen more of the recent Dragonfish premium features incorporated here given the newness of the site, including perhaps xCite membership, but as it stands, it’s perfectly functional and fun to get involved with.


  • Great wagering terms
  • Plenty of payment methods
  • Works well on mobile
  • Makes good use of Dragonfish


  • Some of the games will be very samey for seasoned players
  • The site design is rather basic

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