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If you’re the sort of person that lusts after the lifestyle of footballers’ WAGs (wives and girlfriends), then you’ll likely be enticed by the theme and décor that Bingo Wags has to offer! 

The site is part of the popular and reliable Dragonfish network, which, while one of the most commonplace gaming providers around, can at least be relied upon to bring fun, regular wins and opportunities for players to take advantage of some brilliant and unique prizes. 

Bingo Wags promo codes currently offer 220% on your first deposit worth up to £88, meaning that you can really take advantage of a deal to help you try out a site for less. The idea of a 220% cash match may seem a little odd compared to other deals, but we think it helps the site to stand out a little!

Bingo Wags is generally well-designed with plenty of character and flair, and of course a whole host of flourishes and eye-catching insignia. 

The bingo games and slot experiences here are what you may come to expect from Dragonfish, but the site at least attempts to go the extra mile by redesigning the well-trodden formula with an appealing interface and a series of data giving out information on what’s coming up in bingo games to follow. 

We think you’ll have no problem making the most of cash matching bonus codes here, particularly as they help to grant you real value for money – all good promo codes should give you more financial freedom, and we’re especially glad that Bingo Wags follows suit!

Bingo Wags in Summary

Bingo Wags, to summarise, may seem rather basic or even rather samey – anyone who’s registered on a Dragonfish site in the past will likely know these games and promotions off by heart, and while this is never a bad thing, it may mean that anyone looking for a more unique experience could do better elsewhere. 

That being said, we do think that the style of the site does more than enough to appeal to a certain crowd, and this is of course bolstered by a fantastic series of games and dedication to the user experience. Dragonfish sites, while simple on the outside, are well-built and are tailored to be easy to get into and hard to put down!

Bingo Wags bonus codes do more than enough for any casual players looking for a quick game or two in an online bingo room, or for any more serious gamers hoping to reel in a big win.  The games here all play and pay well on a regular basis, meaning that there is little to be concerned about when it comes to the site’s legitimacy. Never trust a Dragonfish site by its cover – jump right in and see how lucky you can be!


  • Virtual casino
  • Multiball bingo games
  • Slots
  • Online scratch cards


  • 220% cash matching on your first deposit
  • Regular jackpot opportunities
  • Shared win games


The games here at Bingo Wags are, of course, tried and tested by thousands of people who have taken on the best of what Dragonfish has to offer elsewhere.  That being said, this doesn’t mean that they’re not worthy of a second look!

Big games such as Gonzo’s Quest still pull in the players and Bingo Wags allows you to enjoy the big adventure slot all over again with a superb 220% cash match.  Like other Dragonfish sites based on the most basic engine, however, the bingo experience isn’t as bold or as varied as it could be.

A benefit to the Dragonfish software, however, is that much of the information you need is readily available for you to view before you get started.  There can be criticism levelled at the main page of Bingo Wags for not being too informative, however, we think there is enough of a window into the games available for you to really get inspired. 

Besides – with enough cash matching behind you, what’s not to like?

Mobile Compatibility

When writing and conducting our reviews we do like to see a website that makes an effort in terms of appealing to their portable players.  After all, more and more of us are making the leap to phones and tablets when it comes to browsing and email – so why shouldn’t our games be easier to play on the move? 

Generally, Dragonfish gets this down well – their sites may, again, be basic across devices but their sites generally get the idea of creating a ‘lite’ site figured out –and Bingo Wags is no different, with a responsive and flexible site that works just as well via phone and tablet as it does on your desktop PC.

There is no official Bingo Wags app available at this time, but we don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing.  Some apps can be distracting and can even provide for a clunky experience – a good portable site that allows for maximum accessibility and all of the features and functions of a main site more than makes up for the lack of a download or additional program. 

Bingo Wags’ portable site will grant you the most features when you login directly, but you can still make the use of promotion code deals and more besides by simply browsing to the site with the device of your choice.

Signing Up

As with other Dragonfish sites, getting started here at Bingo Wags is extremely simple.  Just provide your basic information, a payment method and verify an email – and you’re away.  You won’t even need to make a deposit until you’re sure you’re ready to try out the catalogue of games and bingo rooms on offer. 

There is certainly no pushiness or demands for you to register, meaning that you will be encouraged to get started at your own pace – simply do so with a promo code and you’ll get yourself a fantastic cash matching bonus thrown in.


Bingo Wags is host to all of the promotions and deals that can be found on other Dragonfish sites, though sadly isn’t one of the newer models to offer the xCite membership program. 

That being said, there are still plenty of regular jackpot games, bonus opportunities and chances to get free tickets and shared prizes, meaning that while the deals and offers here may not be too unique nor do they change around too much, existing customers are at least encouraged to stick around with some variety. 

Wagering Requirements

All bingo and gaming sites that offer great opening deals are going to need you to play some of your credit back into the site for you to be able to make a withdrawal of any winnings you earn. 

Bingo Wags will require you to play bay 4x your bonus and deposit on bingo, and 80x on slots – while the bingo rate is rather competitive, the slots ratio can be considered very high in comparison with likewise sites.

Payments and Withdrawals

Paying in and withdrawing is both easy and, on the whole, widely covered.  If you have a major UK card in the form of a Visa, a MasterCard or Maestro, or even if you have PayPal, PaySafe, Neteller or EntroPay, you can pay in and withdraw without hassle. 

When withdrawing, however, do be aware that you are going to need to have at least £20 in your account to take out – and you may have to wait up to 10 working days before you can see your winnings returned.  These aren’t bad terms compared with other sites out there, meaning we think it’s unlikely most players will be put off by this.


To be able to get help on any areas of the site you may be having difficulty with, you can contact the team through a variety of different means.  You can either call the Dragonfish team on the contact number 0800 901 2510 at any time, or you can chat live or send an email once you login.

It’s always good to have these avenues of support available, and we all the more applaud Bingo Wags for putting them in place!


All in all, Bingo Wags is a nice little site that does make the most of the Dragonfish engine while adding on a little of their own flair and design.  The site offers the best that the network has to offer, though the games and bingo rooms here will likely seem very samey to certain players.

We definitely encourage you to give Bingo Wags a try if you’re a relatively new player, particularly as much of the opportunities here are easy to find and it’s simple to jump from game to game.  Give Bingo Wags a try while the promo codes last!


  • Nice looking site with plenty of originality
  • Solid Dragonfish platform
  • Nice deals and bonuses
  • Great support network
  • Good mobile site


  • Site can seem a little samey compared to other Dragonfish platforms

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