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Bingo Scotland is arguably one of the longest-standing original bingo sites on the web, and it’s not just for the Scots!  The site first started life in 2005, really making it one of the old guard in terms of available platforms.

This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is behind the times – as they are still offering fantastic bonus codes to new joiners who wish to sample their range of games and bingo experiences.  The site is generally well-presented, with a nice animated bingo ball and a pleasing blue-and-white theme that really helps to welcome new customers.

The only down side appears to be that you don’t get much of a look at what the site has to offer unless you register!

Current Bingo Scotland promo codes will grant you 200% cash matching on your first deposit of £10 – meaning that you will effectively have triple to play with on just one simple deposit.  The name of the site may make you think that it’s in league with other sites such as Bingo Northern Ireland or even Bingo Caribbean – but it is in fact a Dragonfish site, and was one of the very first to adopt the engine to bring bright, simple gaming to the masses. 

This means, too, that it is well-supported and that it still supplies a great range of games and experiences for players new and seasoned alike. Simply throw in your bonus code when signing up and you’ll be able to take advantage of triple your cash in no time at all!

Bingo Scotland – An Overview

Bingo Scotland is generally quite nice to look at, but it sadly isn’t too forthcoming with much of the details.  The promo codes and opening bonuses are easy to find are well-highlighted, however, information on games and other promotions are fairly sparse. 

Once logged-in, the layout is generally simple and quick to load thanks to its Dragonfish programming – but beyond this, many players both old and new will likely find the set-up to be rather old hat and even basic.  Sadly, this is a site that is showing its age slightly, despite looking rather nice on the outside!

That being said, the games and rooms here are likely to appeal to many gamers, and while the bingo experience may not be as plentiful as it is elsewhere on the web, it is at least presented well and is offered by an operator who knows what they are doing in terms of online gaming! 

The 200% cash matching promotion code available on new deposits, too, won’t go amiss – many players will love taking advantage of the sign-up bonus here regardless of whether or not the site measures up to more contemporary rivals – but we will go into how this long-standing site fares in today’s gaming climate a little further down.


  • Multiball bingo
  • Virtual casino
  • Slot games
  • Dragonfish catalogue


  • 200% cash matching on your first deposit
  • Friend referral scheme
  • Loyalty club
  • Guaranteed jackpots

Mobile Compatibility

We expect bingo and gaming sites, these days, to be a little flexible when it comes to the various experiences they provide.  This means that we like the fact that most sites these days at least try to create a ‘lite’ experience for players who are gaming on the go, particularly as many of us are moving over to tablets and phones when it comes to browsing and using social media. 

It goes for gaming, too! Some sites offer an app or program for you to download – while others simply have a ‘mobile’ version on hand. However, it is extremely disappointing that Bingo Scotland does not appear to offer a mobile experience to its players.

On browsing to the main site, you will be presented with the standard desktop version on any device you use – this is disappointing, particularly as the standard has now been set by other more contemporary rivals, even those on the Dragonfish network, who at least attempt to create a wholesome mobile experience for players. 

Bingo Scotland, unfortunately, appears to be rather keen to appeal to desktop players, to the extent that there is no information available to those viewing the site on whether or not a portable version is available to try. This is a site that is sadly rather stuck in 2005 based upon this inflexibility when it comes to portability.

Loyalty Scheme and Deals 

The site boasts a loyalty scheme and plenty of regular deals and promotions for bingo each month – where a stack of cash prizes will await several lucky players.  You can even refer a friend to grab a chance at claiming some lucrative loyalty points – those of which you can trade in for extra goodies and bonuses on-site.

The appearance of a loyalty scheme is great – we think they go far in keeping existing customers happy – but a greater variety in promotions would be appreciated!


Sadly, the games here aren’t visible on display for players who are yet to sign up, which means that they of course have to register in full and supply a valid UK card to be able to even see the catalogue that is on offer! 

As a Dragonfish site, however, the games will be expected by many and work well, though there are only two bingo rooms to experience here – Dragonfish sites don’t particularly lay bingo on thick in comparison to other rivals, but a bigger variety here would have been worthwhile.

Elsewhere, you can access casino games, instant wins and more besides – meaning that you aren’t, at the very least, restricted to simply playing the handful of bingo experiences on offer.  We like the fact there is still such variety in a site that is going back so long – and we can imagine that Bingo Scotland was likely a frontrunner and a big draw back in its heyday! Now, however – it’s sadly hard to say.

Starting Up

Signing up is easy and quick to do, though clicking on the central, bouncing ball does little for you!  Click at the top right of the page and you’ll be taken to that all-important registration form. Simply fill out your details here to get started – but, be warned, you will need to make sure you supply a valid UK card before getting started. 

This can be a turn-off to some players, though it is becoming more and more commonplace across mainstream gaming sites. There is, at least, no worries when it comes to nuisance marketing communications and the like – you can simply sign up, login and get started – with your bonus code to hand!

Wagering Requirements

Any bingo or gaming site offering free bonus deals will require you to pay a little back before you can take money out if you’ve thrown in a bonus code. 

This is to be expected! However, at Bingo Scotland, wagering is not especially clear – it’s suggested initially that you’ll need to wager back 40x your cash to withdraw, though later on it’s advised you only need to wager 4x – one standard is fairly high, the other is very competitive!  We suggest exercising caution in any case.

Payments and Withdrawals

To pay in and withdraw, simply have a valid UK credit or debit card to hand – for example, a Maestro, Visa or MasterCard – or you can also use PayPal, PaySafe or even wire transfer.  This is a good range of payment options and this at least helps to keep Bingo Scotland up there with its rivals.

To withdraw, you’ll only have to wait 48 hours to receive your money – and you can take out a minimum of £10.  These terms are fantastic, and are hugely competitive – making it more of a shame that the remainder of the site doesn’t keep up to speed as much with its modern rivals.


Support is available via contact number, live chat and through web form.  The availability of three avenues here is great – and you can get through to a member of the team via phone during business hours (10am-6pm) Monday to Friday.  The only downside we found here is that there isn’t much information on the support available and when – meaning that new players really are expected to jump in fairly blindfolded!


Bingo Scotland may have been a fantastic site back in its heyday, but it does have many issues that need to be addressed if it wishes to keep up with the pack.  The lack of information on games and deals may put many players off, as will the fact that there is not yet a mobile site up and running – in 2017, this is rather bizarre. 

That being said, the games here are at least worth a look, and with very competitive withdrawal terms, we say it’s worth a quick go if only for the sign-up bonus.


  • Low withdrawal terms
  • Varied games


  • Confusion over wagering
  • No mobile site
  • Lack of information for new players
  • No game details until you register – and with a card

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