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Bingo should be, first and foremost, fun – and no other site quite gets that across like Bingo Hall does.  While some gaming sites go for an overly serious casino tone – which is fine for many players – others looking for a more casual experience can count on the bright, bubbly tone set by Bingo Hall and the fantastic promo codes and games lying in wait. 

It’s a site that operates on the Dragonfish network, which means that while it possesses familiar rooms and games that many players will have seen before, it comes with an assurance of playability and fun. Certainly, from the off, it’s very striking – benefiting from a cartoon banner and hues of pink and purple. 

We think it looks great – and what’s more, you can get more money to play with thanks to a new bonus code that is doing the rounds. The code will grant you access to 100% cash matching – effectively doubling your deposit the first time you login! How’s that for a bright and breezy welcome?

Cash Matching with Bingo Hall Promo Codes

Bingo Hall promo code deals will, simply, give you more to play with and therefore more to discover the site with.  Cash matching doubles your spending power and therefore effectively doubles your time on the site! This is a great deal for new customers, and it will mean that your first £20 deposit is boosted up to a fantastic £40. 

While other sites may offer huge deals toppling into the hundreds, many come with strings attached – as we will discuss in detail shortly, Bingo Hall has nothing to hide – its wagering requirements are very competitive and we really don’t think you’ll have much of a problem working your way through your free bonus credit. 

Whether you are in it to win or are simply looking for a bit of fun, Bingo Hall has the promo code and bonus code line-up to make your afternoon, evening or lunch break liven up in no time at all.


  • Multiball bingo
  • Online slot games
  • Virtual casino
  • Loyalty plan
  • Regular deals and offers
  • Prize draws


  • 100% cash match – turn £20 into £40 off your first deposit
  • Weekend bingo games
  • Sure Win games – everyone shares a prize
  • Regular themed bingo nights
  • Loyalty scheme
  • Progressive jackpot games
  • Promotion codes accepted

Mobile Compatibility

You’d expect the majority of bingo and gaming sites to at least show some willing to appeal to mobile players, and we do too!  Thankfully, Bingo Hall is listening. Like other Dragonfish sites, the catalogue here is mostly up for grabs across all devices, requiring no additional apps or Bingo Hall downloads at this time. 

This can be a plus for many people – and we don’t especially see the need for an external download if a website works fine on its own. There’s a fair selection for you to choose from here, though not all games or functions are available on mobile at this stage.

Playing portably with Bingo Hall has its ups and downs – while the portable site has been developed to try and give portable players access to most of what’s on offer on the main site, there are still some elements and features missing that we feel could use a little bit of an update. 

Similarly to Bingo Gringo, the main site is perhaps preferable if you have a choice of going mobile or using the desktop at any given time – but for now, we see no real disadvantages to logging in via smartphone or tablet if this is your chosen gaming platform. Just be prepared, however, for a slightly watered-down experience.

Signing Up

Dragonfish sites are very easy to start with and Bingo Hall is no different, giving you the chance to simply supply your basic details and to offer your payment method of choice at any time you wish. 

This makes things more than a little flexible for new customers, and it of course means that you can take advantage of the new bonus code and any other sign up deals at any time you wish. This is a great way to encourage new players and to make sure that they know what’s going on at all times. 

Bingo Hall is, on the whole, a very helpful and very straightforward site – meaning it could well appeal to new customers looking for casual gaming.

Loyalty Scheme and Deals 

Most Dragonfish sites operate what they call a Loyalty Plan, which ensures that existing customers rack up bonus credit through depositing and playing games. 

This is, naturally, a great way to inspire players to stick around, and while we think there may be more comprehensive or beneficial loyalty deals and VIP clubs out there, this scheme more than satisfies the site it’s hosted on.  Beyond this, you can always take advantage of regular promotions and deals including themed bingo, Happy Hour tickets, prize draws and guaranteed shared games. We think you’ll be hard pushed to get bored!


The games and bingo rooms here are perfectly playable, easy to find and offer regular payouts.  This is obviously a plus – but many players may find themselves put off by the familiar look and feel of the Dragonfish engine, and the reams of games that come with it. 

That being said, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and more are perfectly playable and popular games, meaning that the only reason this catalogue will turn you off is if you’ve seen too much of it already.  Perfectly understandable – but we definitely think you should give the site a chance!

The difference in Bingo Hall’s setup and catalogue lies in its very design – it’s very sleek, nicely animated and with everything you need to know lined up in one or two pages.  This is a site that has clearly been tested by people behind the scenes and players alike, meaning that we think it makes for all the more credible a gaming experience.

We love the fact that you can easily jump in and out of games, and that there’s nothing hidden behind reams of texts or hidden menus.

Wagering Requirements

If you’re taking advantage of the bonus code, you’ll need to pay a certain amount into the site before you can withdraw any winnings.  This is commonplace across gaming sites as it ensures that the high payouts can balance what you play and pay in.

Wagering at Bingo Hall weighs in at 4x the deposit you make and bonus you received which is rather competitive in line with the site’s rivals.  We think this rate of repayment and replay will hardly set you back, rather, it will give you the golden opportunity to get to know the site a little better.

Payments and Withdrawals

Paying in is nice and easy, and as stated, you don’t even need to do so right away.  You can pay in with Maestro, Solo, MasterCard, Visa and Electron cards, along with PayPal, PaySafe, Neteller and EntroPay.  This is a good range of payment methods that we feel most bingo sites should aspire to – so a firm tick in the box for Bingo Hall on this one.

Withdrawing isn’t a hassle either – simply adhere to the wagering requirements detailed above and you can take winnings out as soon as you’ve accrued £20 in your account.  You’ll have your money within 7 working days, which, again, is hugely competitive – we have definitely been kept waiting for longer, meaning it’s another gold star for Bingo Hall here, coupling some of the best bingo deals online with very reasonable terms.


Support from Bingo Hall can be gained through several different channels, and we are massively thankful for this!  You can get in touch through live chat, through web form or even via contact number on 0800 901 2510. The contact number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – meaning that you’ll never be left hanging high and dry.  This is good dedication to customer care!


Bingo Hall may not be the most unique of Dragonfish platforms – far from it – but it is at least presented well, with definite sparkle and a fun, intuitive interface that lets you find games and deals easily. 

The games here, while familiar, are solid, as are the promotions – and we are impressed by the number of payment options and support avenues available, along with the relatively liberal wagering and withdrawal terms.  On the whole, Bingo Hall is rather competitive – and while it may seem basic and while it may not have the best portable interface, it has a lot of hidden value for players of all levels.


  • Familiar Dragonfish style and games
  • Good promotions
  • Great opening deal
  • Plenty of payment options
  • Competitive wagering and withdrawal terms
  • Excellent variety in support available


  • Site can come across a little basic
  • Mobile site could use some TLC
  • Not the most unique of Dragonfish sites

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