Best Sports Betting Sites

While high street bookmakers and betting shops are just as popular now as they ever have been, it’s becoming increasingly vogue to take on sport bets online – meaning that more and more punters are looking for the best sports betting sites that the web has to offer.  Most of the UK’s biggest names in bookmakers and high street gaming such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral have all made the move to online sportsbooks – alongside big name brands such as PaddyPower and Bet365.  Finding the top bookies around can be difficult – as much of it is down to personal preference.

However, we’ve gone to the effort of finding you the best bookmakers promotions and the most user-friendly platforms for new customers looking to have a flutter from the comfort of their keyboards.  What’s more, all of these websites offer seamless mobile gaming – whether via app or a dedicated mobile site.  The best sports betting software is, of course, easy to use, quick to load and crammed full of great games and sportsbook options.  If you can name the sport, you’ll likely find the chance to bet on it through one of the many platforms ranked in our sites list.

Sport Betting Sites Reviews

Many bookmakers’ sites reviews will rank platforms and brands based on a number of factors.  For one, bonus codes – promo codes and welcome deals are absolutely rife online, and they do a lot for new customers looking to grab free bonus credit to try out online betting and other games for themselves.  For us, however, promo codes should only be the icing on the cake – the latest betting websites online should provide existing customers with plenty to come back for, along with ease of use, plenty of impressive games and opportunities to bet on the latest events – sports or otherwise.

Sport betting sites reviews will largely focus on deals and bonus codes – this is all well and good – but you’ll also need to be careful with the security side of things.  All of the platforms in our list are certified secure and fair – meaning you’ll have no worries diving in here – our best sport betting guide has been set up to sort the wheat from the chaff.  Most of these websites are well known high street brands and are therefore well trusted – meaning it’s worth you taking a good look through.

Best Sports Betting Offers

Of course, promotion codes – no true gamer can be without them.  The best sport betting offers are ones which either grant you free credit or better odds on certain events. Similar offers can be found at no deposit casinos if you want to play games for free or try out the different features with no cost. Sport bets will naturally allow you to place money on the projected outcome of a certain event – for example, who will win a current tennis tournament.  You could get better odds on Roger Federer than on Andy Murray, for example – but the shorter the odds, the less you’ll stand to win back from your bet.  Therefore, extended odds and improved chances of getting a big wad of free bonus money back should always be sought after.

We’ve found the best sports betting offers from the top websites around.  With these, you may get free bonus credit outright – otherwise, you may get perks such as free bets or better odds on big events.  You may even be able to bet on ‘specials’ – such as the outcome of TV shows such as The X Factor or Game of Thrones – or even political events such as a general election.  There is even a book currently running on how long Donald Trump will remain as US President – if it can be bet on, there’s a chance most of these sites will give you an opportunity.

Are Sport Betting Sites Safe?

All of the best sports betting sites we’ve listed here are assured as safe and secure – providing a secure certificate and plenty of payment options for you to pick from.  Therefore, if you don’t wish to use a credit or debit card, you will largely be able to use an e-wallet such as Skrill, PayPal or Ukash.  Take your pick!  While we do assure you that we never list a site that is either unfair or unsecure – we encourage you to keep a close eye on all sites’ security policies just in case.  And, as always – do make sure a site looks to be up to your own online gaming standards before registering.

Best Online Sports Betting

These online bookies sites work just as you would expect high street bookmakers to operate.  Simply pick a sport or event and view a list of potential outcomes – then wager how much you’d like to bet on that outcome.  Many brands will allow you to bet multiple times on the same slip, meaning that you can often pick several outcomes for the same event – for example, if you think Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea all have a shot at being Premier League champions this season, you can bet on them all.  The more likely a bookmaker thinks an outcome will be, the shorter the odds will be – meaning that you stand to get less back for your wager.  This is why putting money on an outsider to win the FA Cup is often quite tempting for some betters!

You’ll be able to use one basic balance for all games and bets on-site.  This makes things massively easy for players and it’s one of many reasons why online betting has taken off in such a way.  The best online sports betting sites are ones which give you flexibility as well as big deals and ease of use.

Best Sport Bet Sites for Beginners

We’ve made sure to find the top sport bet sites for beginners – meaning that you’ll find the vast majority of those in our top sports betting sites list – if not all – to be particularly good shouts for new customers, even those who have never betted before. You may be more used to using the top bingo sites to play games instead. The best legal betting websites will offer a helping hand to newbies – providing you with a step by step guide and maybe even a bonus code or two to help you get started.  Who wouldn’t say no to a nice stack of free bonus credit?  Not us, anyway!

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept PayPal?

Don’t worry – you can see each of the platforms in our online bookies guide for what they are – and which brands accept certain payment methods.  PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallets around, having once been tied in with eBay – it’s easy to use and simple to set up.  The vast majority of websites obviously focus on making things as easy as possible on their customers – so seeing PayPal as an option is hardly rare.  Regardless – all of the sites listed here have a nice range of payment options for funding and withdrawing – but do consult both columns before starting.

Best Mobile Sport Betting Sites

Mobile sport betting is now a huge thing – many avid betters are now using their mobiles and even an app or two to bet mid-play.  This means that, effectively, you could be at a football match and be able to bet on the outcome ten minutes from the end – all from the comfort of your phone.  All of the websites we’ve listed here have a fantastic focus on mobile sport betting, and, where possible, they even provide a free app for you to download.  It’s a wonder high street bookies shops are still as popular as they are – as mobile gaming and betting is becoming increasingly sought after.

Online Bookies Promotions

The best deals are, of course, ones which appeal to you directly.  Free bonus credit in general is always a welcome sight – though some sites will lead in with offers tied in with certain sporting events.  For example, during the Cricket World Cup, you may find that you have the chance to double your bets for free on big teams such as India, England, Pakistan or the West Indies – it’s all about finding the right deal for you at the right time.  We are therefore happy to advise that all of the brands listed here – the top bookmakers’ websites in the UK – offer regular deals and promotions that tie in with events and more besides.  Do sign up to a site’s promotional email newsletter and grab yourself promotion codes galore.

Getting Started

Don’t go anywhere without taking note of the best sports betting sites we’ve listed here for you today – we’ve tried and tested the top ones and have found the biggest deals, the friendliest experiences and the fairest sportsbooks online.  If placing a bet mid-play is your game, or if you’re hoping to find odds on one or two real life events, these are the top sites to sign up with – sport betting online needn’t be complex nor expensive – and take it from us, none of these brands and platforms are either.  Why not play through them all?